Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy PINK Saturday!

Happy PINK Saturday everyone!
Happy 4th Birthday to PINK Saturday!

Congratulations to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for hosting PINK Saturday every week and bringing us all the PINKness we can stand. 
Today I want to show you what I created and what I received in a recent swap. The criteria of the swap was to create a 12"x12" canvas containing nine squares, 2"x2". After contacting my swap partner, Susie at South City Hues, I found out her tastes were very similar to mine! 

I started out by washing the canvas with a soft shade of PINK acrylic paint. Once it was dry, I brushed on a pale shade of cream but this time I went back over with a dry brush and "lifted" some of the paint off of the canvas. Then the canvas sat there for two weeks because I couldn't decide what to do next. I started thumbing through my vintage images and a clear theme started to emerge, vintage Bluebirds! Here is a shot of the finished board. 
 Here is a close up of the sweet fairy tale girl with her bluebird friends.

And here is a close up of a couple of the squares. 

This is the fabulous canvas Susie sent to me!

She visited my website and borrowed some of the pics to use on my canvas, how clever was that?!
That little munchkin with the party hat on, ready for Beverly's PINK birthday party, is yours truly! 

And this sweet baby is my very own mom!

She even included a picture of my Midge doll!

And it didn't stop there! Susie tucked in all kinds of extra goodies like a sweet vintage book and hankie. 
Thank you for being such a great swap partner Susie!

Have a wonderful weekend and a safe memorial day!  
 And don't forget to stop by Beverly's and wish PINK Saturday a Happy Birthday! xxoo Nan


  1. HPS! 4th Year!!!

    These pages are lovely!


  2. Party girl you are!!! Love your pinks, too.

    Have a beautiful holiday ... please pray for our troops that serve us, & those that have gone before us.

    TTFN ~

  3. So Pretty!!! Every single one of them! I just LOVE the old graphics, they bring me back to my childhood...
    Have a Happy Pink LONG Holiday Weekend,

  4. I love all the images you shared today.

  5. What a great swap ... love what you created AND what you received.
    Happy Pink Saturday BIRTHDAY !!!

  6. What a fun and different swap! Love all the images!
    ♥ Jil

  7. Lovely! I adore the 50s and these images are just perfect.

    Happy Pink Saturday from the UK!

  8. Oh my gosh, You both did such a great job! It looks like you were perfect swap partners.
    Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  9. This is absolutely charming -- but that last cat image made me smile most!

  10. A fun post for a fun celebration.



  11. What a pretty bluebird canvas you have created. I like your swap partners idea of using images from your blog. Very clever.


  12. What a beautiful tribute for Pink Saturday's birthday! I am now following your blog.

    I am a little late for my PS round but I wouldn't want to miss it. Here's my My PINK
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  13. Hi Nan! I am so awed by the cleverness of all of the collages I've seen so far. You all made them so personal for your partner. Beautiful! I'm still waiting to hear from 2 of the girls and then I can post with links to all. Thanks for joining in on this are so much fun!

  14. Hi Nan. Love the pictures you posted of our swap! I already have the canvas you made happily hanging in the perfect spot in my room. Thanks for being such a good partner! Take care.
    Susie (Great music! :)

  15. Wow - I love both of these collages! Very different and very sweet - I think it's neat how Susie personalized yours - pretty clever!

  16. Love both of these...this was such a great swap. I think the way everyone personalized them was awesome!

  17. Nan,
    4 years already????? WOW! Sorry I haven't been here much, but I have you in my list again, don't know what happened....I think you and me started blogging about the same time, right????? Have a great week my friend! Sandy @ 521 Lake Street

  18. Hi Nan, Your collage is super. You know I love bluebirds! I also enjoyed your post about the paper dolls. So cute! Most of all, I enjoy your spiritual posts. They always leave me feeling uplifted. So glad to visit! Elizabeth

  19. Really cute and neat ideas! I'd be thrilled to get either of these in a swap. Where do you get your swap info? Fun stuff!


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