Wednesday, April 25, 2012

W is for Whoopie ... Pies that is!

W is for Whoopie... Pies that is!
Was there ever an episode of The Newlywed Game where Bob Eubanks did not ask the contestants "Where is the last place you made Whoopie"? Well, I can honestly say IN THE KITCHEN! 

No, not THAT kind of Whoopie! This kind of Whoopie ... Whoopie Pies! 

While playing on Pinterest, I noticed I kept seeing recipes for Whoopie Pies and decided I better start a new  PIN board just for Whoopie Pies because I knew sooner or later, I would want to try my hand at making them.  Now I've eaten Whoopie Pies before, they are a very popular item at Amish bakeries but I have never made them myself. Well, the opportunity came sooner than I would know as I decided to take them to a neighborhood meeting/dinner. For my first attempt, I wanted to try an easy recipe, possibly one that started with a cake mix, sure enough, I found THIS recipe. I made two batches, I used a devils food cake mix for one batch and red velvet for the second batch. 

 Look at the pretty red color!

The recipe says to drop the batter on to parchment lined cookie sheets but I made it even easier and bought 2 Whoopie Pie pans at Target! I used a cookie dough scoop to fill the cavities. I filled the scoop  to the top but in hindsight, it was probably a little too much. 

 Here's a shot of the pans filled. 

And here's a shot of the finished Whoopie pies, cooling. 
 By the time I made all of these and put the filling in between, I was really running behind schedule and completely forgot to take a picture before I left for the meeting. You just have to take my word for it, they looked and tasted WONDERFUL! Make sure you check out the other Whoopie Pie recipes on my Pinterest board and don't forget to stop by Jenny Matlocks for more inspiring W posts at Alphabe Thursday! xoxo Nan

Friday, April 20, 2012

Big pots of PINK!

Happy PINK Saturday everyone! 
Please stop by How Sweet The Sound where Beverly has lots of pretty PINK posts waiting for you. 
This past weekend I planted the two large pots that sit on either side of my front door. Last year I went with a bright, hot color scheme of  PINK and orange but decided to change it up this year and went with a more subtle color scheme of white, purple and PINK
 In the back of the pot is a Dwarf Banana Tree. I love using these in pots and this variety with it's burgundy splotches is quite dramatic.  Just to the side of it, I planted a Persian Shield. I love the iridescent, purple leaves of this plant. Just in front of this, I planted a Soprano White Osteospermum. The dark purple centers pick up the same shades of purple in the Persian Shield. 
 On the opposite side of the pot I planted a Gingerland Caladium. I love the big white leaves with the splotches of PINK and Burgundy. The next layer in front contains a hot PINK Geranium and a Leather Leaf Sedge. This little flashy grass is a new one for me and I really like the way the wispy silver blades stand out against the showier big leaved plants in the pot.
  Finally in the front of the pot I placed a Phlox Intensia PINK on one side. 

 On the other side I placed a Petunia Pretty Much Picasso. I have looked for this plant for two years now and finally scored two at Lowes! The outside edges of the flower are lime green, then turning to hot PINK and finally dark purple in the throat. I had a hard time getting a good shot of it so the pic is a little blurry. 
 Then this morning I had this litghtbulb moment, I took all the little markers that came in the pots and put them in a ziplock bag marked with the year and where the plants were planted. DUH! Why haven't I ever done this before?  
 I usually place the pots at the front edge of  the porch, right at the top of the steps but last year I had a deer walk right up the steps and onto the porch so he could have a yummy breakfast consisting of the Hibiscus and other flowers I had planted in these big pots. This year I've moved the pots all the way back, right up to the door in hopes it will deter the deer from devouring what I have planted, I'll keep y'all posted!
I have one last picture to share with you. I found this on Pinterest and since many of us are going to have a rainy weekend, I thought it appropriate! Have a wonderful weekend, filled with Bubbles of JOY, xxoo Nan

Friday, April 6, 2012

Pink Saturday Easter Decor

Happy PINK Saturday everyone!
 I feel so honored that Beverly has chosen Moi, to be the featured blog this week for 
PINK Saturday. Please stop by How Sweet the Sound and say HI to Beverly and check out all the other PINK Chicks! 
This week I thought I would share a few more of my PINK Easter Decorations. First, this PINK fuzzy wreath greets you at my front door. 
 I made it last year and it was super easy. I took a straw wreath form, wrapped in PINK feather boas, then added some white polka dotted PINK grosgrain ribbon, then hot glued on lots of little chenille  chicks and  glittery eggs. 

Next, this little vignette greets you just inside the door.
 I've had the PINK tree for several years now and it gets decorated with different themes for Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter.  And this sweet little bunny ornament was made by Cyndi Lachance of Holiday Sparkle.

 If you've never stopped by Cyndi's blog, you must do yourself a favor and pay Cyndi a visit, you won't be disappointed! The little bunny family I've had for about ten years, I love their soft little clothes and sweet faces. 
 And finally, my mantle with strings of Jelly beans, PINK feather boas, more bunnies and some trees that have color changing lights.
  I tried something different this year and I'm not really thrilled with it. I wanted to make a cute vintage looking banner and just didn't find the time. Oh well, maybe next year. 

That's it for my PINK Easter decor this year. Thanks for stopping by today and have a wonderful Easter! Hugs and Blessings, Nan

Good Friday

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Most pictures depicting Good Friday and the Crucifixion, portray Jesus on the Cross. This picture however; is fascinating because it portrays what Jesus might have seen from The Cross, thus the title "As Seen From the Cross" by James Tissot. I think it is the perfect picture to use with this particular Scripture. May each of you have a blessed Good Friday as we await the resurrection and the promise of Easter. Nan