Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pink Saturday and Saturday in the Garden

Happy PINK Saturday!
Today I wanted to share some of my fav simple pleasures, perfectly PINK of course!
Do you know what this is?

How about now?

Does this help?

Can you tell now?

This, my Bloggy friends is heaven on a PINK stick! IT is a scalp massager! You hold it over your head, as seen above, then gently and slowly push down. The metal fingers separate and spread over your scalp while the little tips send tingles up and down your spine! Of course it's always better if someone else does it to you, there's something about the element of surprise! You can buy one for yourself at Bed, Bath and Beyond for only $3.99!
Next this candle is made by my most favorite candle company, 
The Warm Glow Candle Company. You can't order online but if you go to their website, they have a map so you can find a retailer near you. This PINK one is Italian Wedding Cake and smells heavenly! 

Oh and a side note, it is sitting on a PINK doily made by my Great Grandmother!
Next, my PINK Crop-a-dile. This thing will punch holes in anything short of a 2x4! It also sets rivets!

I have never worn glasses but as I get a little older :) I find if I am reading small print or doing detail work, I need a little help so of course I had to get a PINK pair! 

After I've spent a long day out in the field on job sites, I love to come home and heat up my PINK wrap. The scent of Lavender and Chamomile is so soothing and the heat is great for relieving sore muscles and stress!

And last, a simple PINK pleasure from the garden! The name of this Hibiscus is 
Tequila Sunrise, after the drink and if you have ever had one, you can see why!  I love the bright, vibrant color variations in the flowers.

That's it for PINK Saturday this week. Please stop by How Sweet the Sound and say HI to Beverly our host! Hugs and Blessing, Nan

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday Freebies!

TGIF!!! I have some Fabulous Friday Freebies for you today and while you are snagging these wonderful gifts, make sure and leave a little LOVE!

I really like the Journaling "To Do" pages that Grace is Overrated has developed!

These bookmarks from we wilson are FUN and FUNctional!

Talk about cute! Warehouse Fabrics has the pattern for the cutest reversible scalloped apron!

I don't have kiddos going back to school this year ( doesn't count) but this Back to School Bucket List from My Computer is My Canvas is adorable!

These little dolls and their clothes from Nuno Life are just precious!

And speaking of dolls, this Molly the Monkey pattern from mmmcrafts is just  the cutest!
And last but not least,
 Yellow Mums is gifting us with these great labels perfect for color coding all kinds of things!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An Apology and TWO Thank Yous!

     I owe a HUGE apology to one of our bloggy sisters! I would like to blame my temporary lapse in courtesy on being new to the blog world but that is no excuse for forgetting etiquette! You see, a few weeks ago Nan of Retired in Alaska wrote to tell me that I was her One Hundredth Follower and she wanted to send me a little giftie. About a week later a package arrived in the mail containing the most wonderful book. Yes, I sent her an email and thanked her but it never occurred to me to post on my own blog until I noticed other bloggers doing so when they received a similar reward. So Nan, I hope you will accept my apology and my sincerest thanks! So without further ado....

Thank You Nan of Retired in Alaska for sending me this wonderful book for being your One Hundredth Follower! The book is about a wonderful lady who devoted her life to taking care of the Bald Eagles in Alaska. She did so faithfully until she passed on to her greater reward!

     The second Thank You goes out to Elizabeth of  
Creative Breathing! I mentioned in a comment on Elizabeth's blog that I had a hard time finding felt where I live. So what did E do? Why of course she sent me a piece of felt in the most beautiful shade of Blue! If you have never been to Elizabeth's blog, drop what you are doing and get over there but be prepared for inspiration overload!

     I've only been blogging for two months and already I am amazed at the generosity and kindness and inspiration shown by so many bloggers. I am so happy I began this journey and now scratch my head wondering what took me so long to get started!

WOWSER House Wednesday!

I haven't posted a WOWSER House Wednesday in awhile so I took some new pictures last week to share. The houses are all in a neighborhood that is known as a "Neo-traditional" neighborhood, meaning the neighborhood, houses and all the common areas were designed to resemble a very old neighborhood from the past. The houses must be built to strict guidelines in respect to the Architecture, placement on the lot, paint colors and even door, window and trim selections must replicate houses of long ago. The end result is that you literally feel as if you are in a very old neighborhood. I'll be quiet now and let you oogle over these houses!

I actually designed the landscape at this house! :)

Do you notice the Sky Blue Porch Ceiling? It is a very, very old practice in the Charleston area to paint the porch ceilings this color. I've heard two explanations, one is that it is to remind all who enter of  Heaven. The other is that the blue was thought to scare away evil spirits!

I really like this house but I HATE the placement of the Garage! I guess they had no choice but I think I would have put the garage doors on one of the sides!

I really like this next house, it just oozes charm!

Another view of the same house!

So what do you think? Do you think they accomplished the goal of  having the "feel" of an old neighborhood? There is actually another neighborhood close to this one that "I" think actually does a better job, I'll share some pictures of it soon!

Thanks for stopping by today! Nan

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trash Talkin Tuesday!

Today I'm going to share one of my favorite trash transformation projects! Hubby and my girls bought me this swing quite a few years ago for Mother's Day. 
As you can see, it had seen better days! The cushions had disintegrated, the paint had faded, the canvas sling that forms the seat was starting to rot and 
Hurricane Gaston tore the canopy apart.  It was destined for the curb but I decided to keep it and try to fix it up instead. The first step was to find replacement cushions then choose the colors to paint the frame based on the colors of the cushions. I could not believe my luck! I found the most perfect cushions at K-mart. I loved all the colors and they were on sale to boot! They also had matching vinyl tablecloths marked down ridiculously cheap so I bought four of the largest ones, in a minute I'll share what I did with those.

I decided the main color for the swing would be red with accents of turquoise (of course) and after removing the sling and sanding with steel wool, I gave the swing several coats of fresh paint. Next came the hard part, replacing the sling. I had hubby cut two pieces of plywood, one for the back and one for the seat. After they were cut, I stretched one table cloth around each piece and used a staple gun to secure them in place. Next we hinged the two pieces together in the middle then using some bracket thingies (ok, bear with me I'm not a carpenter) we attached the plywood to the swing frame at the top of the back and along the front edge of the seat bottom. The only thing that was left to do was put the new cushions in place and sit back with a cool drink and enjoy! I'm so happy with the way it turned out and I'm so glad I decided to keep it.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pink Saturday and Saturday in the Garden

Happy PINK Saturday everyone! Well, since everyone is celebrating Christmas in July I thought I would show you a little PINK Christmas! This is my little pink Christmas tree. It sits on top of an old dresser in the foyer. During Christmas it is decorated in all white and gold, with snowflakes and icicles.

     After Christmas I take off all the gold and just leave the white snowflakes and icicles on till Valentine's Day then I switch over to red and pink hearts. But I love decorating this little tree for Easter the best, then it is festooned in little straw baskets and hats, wooden eggs and bunnies and all things Spring! By the time Memorial Day rolls around, this little tree has gone back into the box till Christmas.
     My next little bit of PINK Christmas is this little display in the Sunroom. I love these trees, they are so glittery and festive, I almost wish I could leave them out year round, lol!

The trees are actually pretty tall as you can see in this next picture!

Please stop by and see Ms Beverly at How Sweet the Sound, our host for Pink Saturday!

And now for Saturdays in the Garden which also happens to be PINK
This Disco Belle Hibiscus is planted next to the pond.

I love the flowers, they are so huge as you can see from the yardstick!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool! They are predicting the heat index will be 110 here this weekend!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Freebies!

Yeah, it's Friday, that means it's time for Friday Freebies!
Free Pretty Things For You has blessed us with another set of her adorable vintage tags!

Check out this adorable little house template and tut from Just Something I made!

And while we are on the subject of paper houses AND since it IS Christmas in July, this little house from twelve22 will surely cool you off!

And while you are inside in the cool air conditioning why not play with this sweet paper doll from Home Spun Threads!

Or why not get a head start on your Christmas gifts with this precious free Annie doll pattern from Crafty Avenue.

And  The Purl Bee is offering the pattern and a tut for this amazing Mimi Kirchner doll!

That's it for this week, please leave a little note of thanks for these very creative people. Have a great weekend and stay cool! Nan

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Happy Anniversary Honey!
26 years!

July 21, 1984

I can't believe it's been 26 years! 
I know it's cliche but it seems like only yesterday!
Here's to 26 more Honey!

As a side note: I still love my dress, 
it was not very typical for the 80's 
but the Bride in the old Tom Hanks movie 
"The Bachelor Party" 
wore an Identical dress, pretty cool huh!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trash Talkin Tuesday!

I have a real quick project to show you today and an update. I had two old bulletin boards that I was going to throw away because they had a few little chunks missing from the cork and they were just plain ugly. Then I decided to revamp them and use them in my studio. Unfortunately I did not take "before" shots but everyone knows what a plain ole bulletin board looks like. I spray painted one of them my signature red and the other a med. shade of  yellow. Then I cut a piece of this vintage look material, adding 1/2" to the width and height, this would allow for a little extra to tuck under the edge of the frame. Next I laid the material on top of the frame, making sure it was straight, I folded down the top 6" of material, sprayed the top 6" of cork board with this Elmer's spray adhesive then flipped the material back and smoothed it down with my hand, working out any ripples. 

Next I folded back the rest of the material, laying  it on top of the section I just attached, stopping at the previous "glue line", I sprayed sections, 6" wide at a time, pressing the material in place and smoothing the material before starting the next section. After all the material was attached, I tucked the edges of the material under the frame using a butter knife.And ta da, here is the finished project!

Now a little update. A few weeks ago I posted about my vintage sewing table. You can read about it HERE if you missed it! Well, over the weekend I finally found the time to attach my old Pfaff  sewing machine to  the table. At first I could not get it to fit correctly but then I played around with moving the pins on the table and I finally got it  to fit. Now, when I'm not using the machine, I can drop it down in to the table out of sight!

Finally, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree! A few weeks ago when my youngest dd was home, she went for a run and when she got home she called for me, saying "Mom, look what someone was throwing out!".
I went out on the porch to find these......

Now how lucky am I?! I don't know what I am going to do with them yet but I will put them to good use.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday Everyone!
I have two things to show you this week. First I bought this dress at the beginning of the Summer and it has become one of my favorite things to wear. 

It's cool and comfy and trust me, with our hot, humid weather here in Charleston that is very important. 
 The bodice is crochet and the bottom is a soft knit.

Target lists the color as "Inca Red" but to me, it is more pink than red, it's really hard to describe. It's kind of Red, kind of Pink, kind of Salmon, kind of Melon all rolled into one and I LOVE it! By the way, I'm wearing it in my profile picture!
     Next I want to show you my first attempt at jewelry making. I've seen "Statement Necklaces" in some of the catalogs and fell in love with them but they were waaaaay out of my price range so I decided to make one. I bought the multi  strand chain at a local boutique on clearance for $9.00 so I was off to a great start. Next I found all these cute doo dads at Target in the scrapbook isle. They were a cinch to attach to the chain at random spaces. 

I love all the little pink flowers but of course my favorite piece is this one! :)

Please stop by and say HI to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound
our host for Pink Saturday. 
Have a wonderful, PINK, bubbalicious weekend!