Friday, July 16, 2010

Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday Everyone!
I have two things to show you this week. First I bought this dress at the beginning of the Summer and it has become one of my favorite things to wear. 

It's cool and comfy and trust me, with our hot, humid weather here in Charleston that is very important. 
 The bodice is crochet and the bottom is a soft knit.

Target lists the color as "Inca Red" but to me, it is more pink than red, it's really hard to describe. It's kind of Red, kind of Pink, kind of Salmon, kind of Melon all rolled into one and I LOVE it! By the way, I'm wearing it in my profile picture!
     Next I want to show you my first attempt at jewelry making. I've seen "Statement Necklaces" in some of the catalogs and fell in love with them but they were waaaaay out of my price range so I decided to make one. I bought the multi  strand chain at a local boutique on clearance for $9.00 so I was off to a great start. Next I found all these cute doo dads at Target in the scrapbook isle. They were a cinch to attach to the chain at random spaces. 

I love all the little pink flowers but of course my favorite piece is this one! :)

Please stop by and say HI to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound
our host for Pink Saturday. 
Have a wonderful, PINK, bubbalicious weekend!



  1. I love this pink dress, it looks so cool and refreshing for these hot summer days and your necklace is brilliant! Funny, because when I saw your profile pic I thought, "I love her necklace" and here I am for the first time and this post talks about it. Now how cool is that?

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Love the dress! I live in a warm
    climate also, and wear a dress every
    day! So easy. Oh the necklace is
    perfect too!

    Happy Pink Saturday
    Flora Doora

  3. Happy Pink Saturday!! Cute dress! Great job on the jewelry!!

  4. Nan E I am so inspired by your necklace! It is just beautiful! I'm giggling about the cost in magazines, I don't know.... I tried to make a bracelet that I believe ended up costing me $75.00 in supplies and it looks like it came from the costume isle at Wal Mart! Truly, what a beautiful necklace! Elizabeth

  5. That is a darling dress for you and many others I am sure. I am at the point in my life, I cannot wear sleeveless things. Nice post for today.

  6. It is a pretty dress and looks comfy too! Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. That is one cute little summer dress! And I can't believe that's your first attempt at jewelry making. That necklace is simply stunning, and I bet if you wear it with that dress, you really turn some heads!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. This would be a comfy dress in Charleston this time of year ... cute! & I love the necklace.

    Happy PS ~
    Have a lovely summer's eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  9. Hay there Nan. That is a darling dress, and it looks so comfy. Your necklace is so cool, I really like it. So on this necklace you put all things that describe you or that you like? That is neat.
    Happy PS

  10. Ok, I get the 'Statement Necklace' the ones I am seeing I would not wear, but yours....that is another thing, I love yours.

  11. So very beautiful! You did a great job on the necklace! Stunning!

  12. Thank you so much for coming by and leaving me a comment on my first Pink Saturday.

    So I love the dress, but I love, love the necklace. Joy - isn't that the truth.


  13. Both items I can see wearing as well! I like the embroidery, clever for more coverage up there ;-), the necklace is awesome, it's very creative and romantic. Good job!


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