Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trash Talkin Tuesday!

     First a little update! My hubby went into surgery about an hour and a half ago. The operating room nurse just called and said he was doing fine and would be in surgery at least another hour. Thank you all for your continued prayers. I am at the hospital  right now and if you can believe this, this is my first time EVER logging on to a wireless network! Woo Hoo, I'm getting so technical, LOL!
     Now for Trash Talkin Tuesday! If you know me from Aimee Asher, I apologize in advance because you have probably already seen this but with dh's surgery this morning, I forgot to upload pictures for a new project! Anyway, this little table and chairs originally belonged to my Mom and Dad. I inherited it and it sat on my screened porch for the longest time, collecting dust and spider webs. It was pretty boring as you can see from the picture.

When I decided to redo the sunroom, I thought it would make the perfect addition, with a little pink paint of course! I spray painted it the perfect shade of Caribbean pink and found this fab fabric with a background the exact color of yellow as the walls, splashed with flowers in several shades of pink and big leaves the perfect shade of Lime green. And here is the finished project, I think it turned out pretty sporty! I don't know how much I will be able to post this week, so I hope you have a great week filled with Bubbles of Joy! Nan


  1. Nan, I hope your hubby gets well soon. I love the pink table set. You did a great job on it. You are also doing a great job on your blog. I enjoy coming and visiting it to see your latest posts.

  2. hello Nan, I love the way your tables and chairs look now. So very pretty. i do hope your husband gets better very soon. I shall keep him in my prayers. hugs, joey


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