Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trash Talkin Tuesday!

Last week when I participated in the "Where Bloggers Create II" event, you saw a little glimpse of my sewing table so I thought I would give you a little more detail on how and why I acquired it. Two years ago hubby bought me this wonderful sewing machine. 

Originally I wanted one of those fancy embroidery machines until I found out how expensive they were! This machine is light enough to move around and normally I set it up on the kitchen table but when I decided to convert the spare bedroom into my studio, a designated place for sewing was tops on my list. I could have settle for just a regular table but  I had another reason for finding an actual sewing table! THIS.....
This is the machine I learned to sew on and it STILL runs like a dream. This Pfaff is so old it predates WWII! I know this because it says "Made in Germany" and we purchased it in the 70's when there was still an East and West Germany. The body of this machine is made out of cast iron and is so heavy, hubby has to help me lift it on to a table. In order to change the bobbin, you have to tilt the machine backwards away from the base of the case and slide it into a hub under the machine. The problem is, the case is deteriorating so bad, it is almost impossible to tilt the machine backwards. The obvious solution was to find some kind of table that would allow access to the underside of the machine so I would not have to tip the machine anymore but where on Earth would I find something like that? Well, as luck would have it, I stopped in Goodwill one day and noticed this little table sitting there that had a hinged lid. I lifted the lid and noticed that a fairly new sewing machine was mounted inside on these post type thingys. I didn't need another sewing machine but I wanted THAT table! I found a clerk and asked her if I could buy just the table. She looked at me a little puzzled so I said to her, if you find me a screwdriver, I can remove the sewing machine and you can sell it again to someone else and I can buy just the table. She thought that sounded pretty fair so I asked how much for just the table, she left and came back about ten minutes later and told me $14.00! I could not believe my luck, the perfect sewing table and for only $14.00! So, I removed the sewing machine and left with my new prized possession, feeling pretty smart on top of it! When I got it home, I noticed it had some numbers stenciled on the sides. I'm guessing it must have been in a Home Ec. classroom at some time, probably in the 50's or 60's! Here's how it looked pre-transformation!
I sanded and sanded and sanded some more and filled a few holes with putty. Then I gave it a coat of Valspar Cherry Red spray paint in a satin finish and ta da......the finished results!
It even came with these adorable vintage porcelain knobs! (sorry the pic is a little blurry!)
 And here is a picture showing the inside where my beloved Pfaff will "hopefully" reside! 

I'm going to have hubby carry it upstairs for me this weekend and help me install it, so keep your fingers crossed that it will fit! Happy dumpster diving and trash pickin Tuesday!


  1. Nan, I love your bright red sewing table. The story about the Pfaff is very interesting.
    Cast iron....hmmmmm. I have a Bernina, and I think it was one of the last cast iron machines they made before they changed to plastic.
    Love your work!

  2. How cute and what a find! Love the color your studio is coming along really nicely.


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