Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh, I'm in LOVE!

Yesterday was my last full day with my dd, Em before she goes back to school so we decided to spend some time downtown. Our first stop was one of my fav stores "Maine Cottage". Not that I can afford even a pillow from that store but it is fun to drool! If I ever win the lottery, I would pick up the phone, dial Maine Cottage and the conversation would go something like this "Hello, Maine Cottage, yes, I would like to purchase EVERYTHING in your warehouse", hee hee!
(Photos originally uploaded by Maine Cottage)

 The colors are so ME and have such fun names like 
Zinnia, Porch and Rhubarb.

The fabrics have such a fresh, light-hearted feel.                                     

The furniture styles are classic and have a timeless vintage look 
yet have a comfortable feel with a touch of whimsy.

Their catalog is not your run of the mill catalog, it is a wonderful design manual chock full of pictures of the most scrumptious rooms 
and vintage pictures from the 40's and 50's.

It is well worth the $15.00 dollars they normally charge for it but yesterday was our lucky day! The new catalog is about to be distributed so the clerk GAVE dd and ME each our very own copy! I can't wait to dig into it tonight. Even though I can't afford new furniture right now, it inspires me to find old furniture and transform it into my own Maine Cottage creations! If you would like more inspiration I just found out they have a BLOG too! Happy Drooling!

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  1. I had forgotten about this catalogue. I used to have it mailed to me now I see they have given up as I don't buy. I love all their stuff but it is so expensive and with shipping to Alaska forget that. It's fun to look through it however for all the great colors they use and decorating idea.


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