Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WOWSER house Wednesday!

I have been mesmerized by architecture and houses for as long as I can remember. I was fortunate enough to attend a high school that actually offered a course in Architectural Drafting. This fed my enthusiasm even more and I decided I wanted to be an Architect. I enrolled in a two year program at Kent State and earned my degree and planned on continuing with a full degree but other things got in the way and instead I settled for a BS in Education. It was very hard back then to be a female in a male dominated profession but I have no regrets and I'm happy with the path I chose!
I've never lost my passion for looking at houses and I'm excited to see that architects are starting to create homes with personality again after the dull boring houses that were built in the 70's, 80's and 90's! Big or small, houses these days are getting back to what made houses so charming leading up to and just after World War II. BIG front porches, sleeping porches, interesting
windows and doors and Porte-cocheres are just a few of the details incorporated in today's homes.
On Wednesdays, I would like to share my love of houses with you and show you some of the WOW houses I stumble upon. This week, I'm taking you to
Daniel Island. Twelve years ago Daniel Island was nothing more than fields where farmers grew crops, then the City of Charleston annexed it, I-526 was built and included an exit to Daniel Island and the rest is history. It has blossomed into one the nicest (and most expensive) places to live in the Charleston area. The house being built there are nothing but exceptional. I watched this first house being built and I swear it took over two years! The detail is amazing. I'll be quiet now and just let you drool! As always, the pictures are "clickable" if you want a closer look.

This next house is currently under construction. I can't wait till it is finished! I will go back and take pictures so I can give you an update. I LOVE the Porte-cochere!

So that's it for my first installment of WOWSER house Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed it! Untill next time, may your day be filled with bubbles of joy! Nan


  1. That first house is gorgeous! Do you have interior pics or perhaps floor plan layouts? If so I'd love to see them. The chimney is lovely.

  2. I really like that first house. The porch on it is pretty fabulous, and I like the brick steps leading up to the front door.

  3. Hi Nan :)

    Those homes ARE beautiful!

    Welcome to Blogland and thank you for your very sweet comments :)


  4. Nan....I am so in love with the first house! When we lived here about five years ago we use to dream of having a house on Daniel Island...they were a lot less then and oh how we wish we would have bought a home.

    Thanks for entering the CSN giveaway...lots of fun!


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