Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturdays in the Garden

     I work full time so the only day I really get to spend any time in the garden is Saturday, hence the name of this post. I know, I'm a day late but I have a good excuse! My camera battery died so I was not able to upload the pictures yesterday.
     Spring in Charleston is my favorite time of year. Everything is so fresh, so new, so green! The promise of newly planted baby bedding plants...
Elephant Ears and Banana trees emerging from a long winters nap...
Well HELLO Mr. Tree Frog! Did you enjoy your hibernation? ...
The Hydrangeas are in full bloom...
The vegetable garden has been in about 7 weeks now and is looking great this year! ...
It won't be long now! I can't wait to bake these babies up in a yummy Tomato Pie! I'll share the recipe when I do...
Unfortunately, I am not the only one who notices how fresh and green everything looks! I am not alone in the garden...
In one night, they made a banquet out of my garden! For their appetizer, they sampled the Sweet Potato vine I was planning on putting in the flower boxes!
For the main course, they dined on my Cucumbers, at least the ones poking out the fence! ...
And for desert, they dined on the fresh new shoots of my Knockout Roses! ...
But I have secret weapons!
So, you must be panicked wondering what I am going to do to the deer with an electric kitchen knife, bamboo skewers and soap. Fear not! I love the deer, I just want to deter them. So.... I make Irish Spring lollipops! The deer can't stand the smell so it keeps them away. I cut the bars in half, using the electric knife, stick the skewer in the cut end, then stick the lollipops around the plants they like to eat! It works most of the time!
I hope you enjoyed this little walk in my garden! Nan


  1. Yeah Nan, I finally found it! Thanks to Nora. :)
    I am so glad I did so that I can tell you what a WONDERFUL job you are doing here.
    It is soooooo interesting. I look forward to coming everyday now.
    Be blessed and keep up the good work!

  2. Irish Spring lollies...I learned something new today! *LOL* I know that they don't like the smell of green apples either, so I used to take the juicer & granny smith peels, then spray the plants...doesn't hurt 'em & plants can grow. Even keeps the CATS from using your beds as a litter box. It's a win-win.

    Saw those green tomatoes & my first thought was "fried with ranch dressing or sour cream!" *LOL* My pancreas wouldn't like me very much after, but it would be TOTALLY worth it!

  3. Fried Green Tomatos YUMMMMMMMMM! Just plain old Tomato (ripe) and Mayo die for.

    Nature is amazing and you had your own nature show in your backyard.

    Dawn Gail


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