Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Few Random Thoughts

Hi Bloggy Friends! I'm still trying to play catch-up from the Holidays so I have just a few random thoughts for today.
First, I've redecorated my Blog for the Winter. Well, at least the month of January. I hate cold weather but I love looking at snow and snowmen and snowflakes. In fact, as soon as I get all the Christmas decorations put away, I'll be putting out a few flakey friends. I've even added a new playlist with Wintry songs! I had so much fun decorating my kitchen window with the vintage store theme, I'm thinking about creating a wintry scene. I'll post pictures when I'm finished. I have a set of dishes with snowflakes and snowmen that I bought a few years ago on clearance and this year I added these cute bowls and cups I bought at Kohls for 60% off.
(few RED accents: tablecloth, hats, buttons and scarves)
I love these bowls because they are BIG and are perfect for soup and salads!
     I have this little thing I do to Mr Bubble (giggle) every couple of years for Christmas. LOL, ok, remove your brain from the gutter, 
he he. No, I hide his Christmas gift! This year I bought him this little green house.

Obviously it was too big to hide at home, so I hid it at our neighbor's house and he had to find it. To start the hunt, I wrote a little clue and attached it to the caboose of the train under the tree in the sunroom.

Christmas morning I started the train up and when it came around I said "oh look, there's a note for you!"
Here's what the clue said:
Engine, engine #9, coming down Chicago line
If it's gifts you had in mind
then this present you must find!
Engine, engine #9, coming down Chicago line
John and Cile good friends of mine
Have kept your gift safe all this time!
I actually did this long after the gifts had all been opened and he was kind of pouting because he didn't get his greenhouse. I'm so bad, lol!

     I've noticed that many of you are choosing a special word for the year. I really like this idea but the problem is, I can't think of a word. I know what I would like to do.... stop procrastinating about my artwork but what is a positive word that means the opposite of procrastinate? I have been plagued by this my entire life. Here's a painting I started about 4 years ago. 
 (Some RED Flowers)

I showed y'all this back when I participated in Where Bloggers Create and guess what? She's still sitting there, staring back at me unfinished! Yesterday I received my new catalog of classes for the
John C Campbell Folk School. Every year I say "THIS year, I'm going to take one of these classes!" but I always procrastinate and run out of time or money.  

Look at the classes, everything from Gourd art, to doll making, felting, painting, everything you can imagine! Sigh .... maybe THIS will be the year! If anyone has any ideas for MY word for the year, I would love to hear. That's it for my random thoughts today, have a wonderful day, filled with Bubbles of JOY! xxoo Nan 
I know I'm stretching it a little BUT ... I'll be linking this post to REDnesday at It's a Very Cherry World!


  1. You are such a tease...lol...Glad you had a great holiday and love what you painted. Very talented.

  2. Hi NanE,
    Thank you for continuing to visit me in Dec. when I was MIA. Your comments were so kind. : )
    I loved reading about this MOST creative gift and the presentation of it. How fun for the Mr. : )
    I'm also extremely impressed with your beautiful painting. Please Post about it when you've completed it.
    Take care,

  3. Girl I have a few words for you...with your talent...omgoodness!! Get off you ..... and finish that absolutely beautiful...to die for painting!!!!
    Sign up for the cheapest class..problem solved..you are doing!!!!!

    I care for you and your talents are being wasted!! I would give anything to be able to paint like that.Go Do!!!!!NOW!

    There were several words in that rant....lol
    We are sister bloggers.and I just talked to you like a sister would...hope you didn't mind..if so give it back to me!lol

    No really you are one Talented artist! And someday I would love to have your paintings are a book you illustrated in my home...think big!

    Hugs and Tx lovin...Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

    P.S.Love the snowmen bowls...missed that at Kohls this year..darn!

  4. From one procrastinator to another, how about ACT or ACTION for your 2011 word? (Mine is LEARN but that can cover a lot - learn to stop procrastinating?!)

    Would love to see your painting "in person" - so beautiful!

    Happy New Year!

  5. how's "go getter".........that's two words but it works...don't you think? I love snowmen too and put one on the front porch for the after Christmas blahs. I used to do a little snowman tree and ice sicles. Maybe I should bring that back out. Love what you did for husband. I know it loved it and the greenhouse....fabulous!

  6. Nan, you simply MUST paint! If you need a class or two to get the creative juices going, please do it! Sometimes when my muses run and hide for a while, I sign up for a class and they show up to cheer me on. Please! PAINT!


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