Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's all about ME!

N is for Nan!
Well, since we are on the letter N and since this IS my Birthday month, I thought I would use the opportunity to share some fabulous, fun facts about ME! LOL!
 (don't we look happy, lol!)

I'm the youngest of three girls and yes, I was always the one acting goofy and doing silly things! 
(I don't know why, but I have always loved this picture!)

Everyone always assumes Nan is short for Nancy but actually, my real name is Nanette. I shortened it to Nan some time in Junior High because I thought it was so much cooler.

My screen name NanE, is actually a little play on words, so to speak. My last initial is E and Mr Bubble (giggle) calls me Nannie, so I combined the two and came up with NanE. 

 (That's me, standing up!)

I am ambidextrous. There are some things I only do with my Right hand: cut with scissors, throw a ball. There are some things I only do with my Left hand: draw, color with markers. And there are many things I do with both hands: eat, although not at the same time, lol, brush my teeth, paint. I can write with both hands, I can even write with both hands at the same time but I use my Left hand most of the time. 
 (love the bangs, WHY did my mom always cut them so short?)

I have two degrees, one in Architectural Drafting and a Bachelor of Science.
I was once the lead singer in a band but I really don't sing anymore. 
(here I am with the truck and horse trailer 
I received that Christmas)

I have always wanted to live on a farm and I've always wanted a miniature goat. One year for Christmas, Santa brought me this little stuffed goat. I named him Jingle Bell and I STILL have him! Sigh, maybe one day!
 (here I am with Jingle Bell)
Thanks for indulging me and now that you are all thoroughly bored enlightened, I will send you off to Jenny Matlocks and Alphabe Thursday for the Letter N. And since I posted all these great vintage pictures, I'm going to join Colorado Lady for Vintage Thingie Thursday!  


  1. This was such a cute post. Loved it. Love that you still have the little goat. Happy VTT!

  2. Well, Nan, I wanted to hear more. You are very interesting. Happy Birthday month!

  3. Nan,
    What a fun post....and I have a lot of photos with me and those bangs...did our Moms know each other???? LOL Sandy

  4. Hey Nanette...I mean much cooler...although Nanette is a neat name, too! Enjoyed seeing your childhood photos. Happy Birthday this month!

  5. LOL- I love your old photos and ll the information about you. So cute! Our mom's all cut our bangs too short and crooked. Love you on top of the dog house!
    Happy Birthday this month!
    Hugs- Tete

  6. Well NanE it was fun to get to know more things about you. I love the name Nanette myself.

  7. What a fun post! Love all the family photos. Happy birthday month to you and best wishes, Tammy

  8. what a sweet post.. loved all the pictures! I wish I had pictures of me and my siblings when we were small. But there are very few. Your parents were were really blessed with three adorable little girls!
    happy day!

  9. That was just like sitting at the kitchen table with you and going through your photo album. Loved it. Have a great day.

  10. Happy Birthday! Seeing all those old photos was really really fun!

  11. Oh I loved your photos. They could never be boring! I have the same dining chairs as your Mom's! I love vintage maple and my cottage has lots of it! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Happy birthday Nan. Seeing vintage pictures never get old to me. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  13. Sweet pictures! Fun to get to know you a little bit. Happy birthday this month!

  14. Happy Birthday! I enjoyed seeing your old pictures. I wish I were ambidextrous.

  15. Nan...these are wonderful pictures and some from my collection look very, very similar, lol. We must be near the same age. BTW, my Mom always cut my bangs too short too, lol.

    Blessings and Happy Birthday!

  16. I wasn't a bit bored! I love to look through old photos, and yours are charming.

    Have a wonderful birthday this month.


  17. Oh Nan! This is one of my favorite posts ever, so precious.
    Happy early birthday to my fellow goofy Aquarian! Mine is the 26th.
    Hah! Love those bangs! You probably won't believe it but I have a picture with even shorter ones. OMG - I wanted to hide away the rest of my life. I was eleven and 5'8" and the shortest, most unflattering bangs in the world - I was already a gangly mess and then that. OUCH!
    Thanks so much for sharing yourself and all your wonderful photos with us.
    Happy VTT,

  18. Have a wonderful birthday month. What a nice birthday month to have, the beginning of a new year! I really enjoyed the pictures. I love old photos.

  19. The music on here is wonderful, lol. These are some great photos, have a wonderful birthday.
    You seem like a well-rounded lady...Science, architecture, singing...nice.

  20. Yay for January kids!! I have several things to say about this post...I loved learning all of these things about you. I, too, was the comedian of the family! Ambidextrous...heck, I had to scroll up twice to make sure I was spelling it right! I enlarged all of your old photos and had some flashbacks...blow up swimming pools, metal "TV trays", wild slipcovers, REAL tinsel...I loved all of those reminders. I am envious of your truck and horse trailer. I collected horse figures when I was 9 or 10..that truck is sweet! OK-that's all I have to say I guess. A completely delightful post about Nan. Thanks!

  21. I loved this post and the pictures are wonderful. I loved getting to know you better. P.S. I always wanted to live on a farm too.Happy Birthday Month!

  22. Nan! What about your talent at art????? You just have to tell everyone about that!!!!

  23. Very cute pictures. Thanks for sharing about yourself.


  24. Nan I just LOVE this post! It is darling and funny an you are adorable. My mom who passed away was called "nanny" by my kids. So it's special to me!

  25. Those photos are priceless! I too use both hands for lots of different things but I write with only my left hand. I have always wanted a farm and a couple of years ago my sweet husband bought me 12 acres of farmland with an old barn. I want to have chickens and goats and make cheese. All that will be when I retire from teaching pre-k in 3, count them, 3 years or when my youngest graduates from college! Thanks for sharing and a early Happy Birthday!

  26. Oh gosh - what was it with the short bangs back then! I love the pic of the 3 of you in front of the fireplace - way to cute!

  27. Really fun post, the pictures are great.

  28. What a delightful post. You know, the photos of you and your sisters could have been of me and mine. We look enough alike to be related - perhaps it's the era.....

  29. Happy Birthday!

    These were wonderful vintage photos...I think my Mom took the same "Cut Bangs at home!" class as yours did. Although yours, at least, look straight!

    Such a sweet era of innocence and dreams!

    I hope you get your goat someday!

    Thanks for linking this nifty post to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "N".


  30. Well Here I am, and this is a great post! old photos are my very favorite, gosh can you remember how long it took to put on all that tinsel on the tree, and then taking it off so very carefully to save it for another year! I remember watching my folks. I did live on a farm with my Grandma, but we just had cows and chickens! I love everyone of them, short bangs and all! Hugs, Marilou


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