Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Z is for ZOOpendous!

Z is for

   I love to visit zoos! Seriously, where else can you get some great exercise while walking around taking in beautiful flora and fauna and the chance to observe some of God's most amazing creatures up close and personal? Today I want to share my two most favorite zoos which are half a world apart, the amazing zoo in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and the equally impressive Columbus Zoo in Columbus, Ohio.
 Back in 2001, Mr Bubble (giggle) was working in The Netherlands and the girls and I were lucky enough to go over for the entire month of July. He worked during the day, so he would drop us off at the local train station where we could hop on a train to Rotterdam or Amsterdam and be back by dinner. The Rotterdam Zoo is within walking distance from the train station so it was definitely a must see on our list. It is a very clean and well maintained zoo with lots of places to sit and relax in the shade. 
 There were also some very unusual animals that I have never seen before, like this guy!

I don't remember what this guy was called but I distinctly remember that it was quite ferocious. He was down in a pit habitat along with a female and a baby. There were warning signs all around as to how dangerous this animal was. 
There were lots of great places to take pictures. 
 Here are my girls acting silly. 
I can't believe how young they look!
The animals were kept in large open areas and appeared to be well cared for. 
The big cats had a really cool habitat that had the feel of an ancient ruin. This is a huge zoo and took us an entire day to cover the whole thing. If you are ever in The Netherlands, this is a must see stop! 
   This past summer we took our girls to the Columbus Zoo. The last time I was at this zoo, I was about 12 years old and it was nothing like I remember. Jack Hanna is the Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and I was blown away with what he has done to and for this zoo. 
Again, this is a very large zoo and it took us an entire day to see everything!
 Most the animals were kept in large, open spaces and it was very easy to see the animals. The spaces were very clean and it did not have that typical "zoo smell".

And here are my girls once again, so grown up!

If you would like more information on either of 
these zoos, here are their websites:
The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
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  1. Oh! Wonderful photos! Your girls are beautiful...past and present. What a great way to spend a day! Looks like gorgeous and sunny days at both times.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  2. The Zoo is our favorite place too

  3. Wow! We have a day trip planned for tomorrow to visit Australia Zoo. I was already excited and now I am bubbling with joy! I love the way you describe getting up close and personal with God's creatures. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love visiting zoos as well. Your photos are really excellent!

  5. That was a great way to use the letter Z. Loved the photos.

  6. This was a fun post Nan and brought back lots of memories of when we took our grand-child to her first zoo. What a fun day that was!

  7. I love zoos and haven't been in a while.

    Might be a fun thing to do with grandkids this summer!

  8. I love the Zoo! Great post!

  9. I always feel a little sorry for animals in the zoos, but I still love visiting, especially when the spaces are large and well kept. The San Diego zoo is the best about this that I've seen.

    I'd love to visit both of the ones you mention here.


  10. I like to visit zoos too, we have a very nice one in Antwerp (Belgium)

  11. Beautiful photos! Love the gals and the animals! Lovely post! Have an wonderful Z day!

  12. Great Z post. My daughter and her family are going to Disneyland in Ca next week and will visit the zoo also. Can't wait to see their pics:)

  13. What a wonderful Post. Both Zoo's look beautiful. It's nice to see the animals so well taken care of. Jack Hanna is such an awesome person. I'm always impressed when he's interviewed.
    Your girls are beautiful. It's amazing how quickly childhood flies by.

  14. Hi Nane, Great pics. The cutest are the 'jungle' girls ;) The Cincinnati Zoo is in the same class as the Columbus Zoo. White Bengal Tigers are but one speices they have helped bring back from the brink. It is one of the most prolific zoos in the world. Zoos from China and around the world have sent animals here to breed...must be the water around here..hehe. Every June to celebrate this fact they have Zoo Babies. It is wonderful and these off-spring are sent all around the world to other zoos and habitats. That is one thing Cincy is known class museums,zoological and botanical gardens, and shopping.

  15. HI Nane,
    My name is Trudy.
    I have just started Blogging and came across your truly wonderful blog.
    What a joy to visit on a dreary day!!!
    Great Big Gentle hugs,and Blessings!

  16. Hi Nane,
    I found you on Kerrie's site and decided to visit. Pleased I did, I love visiting Zoo's also. I have two daughters, both well grown up now and 4 wonderful grandchildren. Will be visiting again. I like your Easter tree blog too.
    God Bless - Nita

  17. Good morning! First of all your family is lovel. What beautiful smiles! I think the Columbus Zoo is a really wonderful place to vist, too. It's been many, many years ince I've taking my kids there, but it was really lovely.

    Thanks for linking this happy post up to our Alphabe-Thursday letter Z.

    It was a great way to wrap up this round of the meme.


  18. PS. Love your new springy background.


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