Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RED, Vintage LOVE

"You've got a strange way of showing Love!" Never were those words more true than the strange LOVE portrayed in these vintage Valentines. 
 Personally, I find them quite funny but imagine if a child handed them out at school today! 

They would probably be expelled immediately and charged with threatening or sexually harassing the other students.

Do you remember the joy of making your own Valentine box out of a shoe box?

We'd cover it with aluminum foil or construction paper then adorn it with doilies and glitter and hearts cut from construction paper. 
 The excitement you felt with the anticipation of having your box stuffed with little Valentine notes of LOVE!

My Mom made us give every child in our class a Valentine, including little Bobby with the Coke bottle glasses and the high water pants who picked his nose and passed gas in class. There was no use in protesting, Mom always said the same thing, "if you don't give one to everyone, you're not giving one to anyone". So we would pick out the Valentine with the least amorous sentiment for little Bobby with the Coke bottle glasses and the high water pants who picked his nose and passed gas in class, hoping he would not read anything into it. I probably gave him the one with the skunk!
 Do children even make Valentine boxes anymore? 

Probably not, they've probably gone the way of cupcakes on Birthdays and Christmas plays, how sad for our children.
 I LOVED Valentines day as a child and I LOVED making my Valentine box every year, so it is no surprise that I LOVE finding all these sweet Vintage Valentines on PINTEREST. I have many more PINNED to my board if you would like to take a look. Thanks for stopping by today!
xxoo Nan
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  1. Nan,
    These are so cute and do bring bak a lot of memories but I am sure that many of them would now be banned in this day and age and might even be considered " Terroristic Threats"! I am so glad that I grew up in a much simpler time! Thanks so much for your visit!!


  2. Oh my goodness -- those valentines are VERY, um, strangely cute! I remember making valentines boxes, and exchanging valentines with my classmates but I don't remember valentines quite like these! I'm interested to see how my granddaughter's kindergarten class celebrates now!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Nan!
    Oh my gosh, those are hysterical and so, um, not right ahahhahahhaha! I'm so enjoying all the things you're sharing on Pinterest, you find such great images.

    Happy Rednesday!

  4. Hi Nan. Yes I remember those wonderful little valentine's boxes we made! Wonderful memories and each VD i look for old fashioned valentines to share. Thanks for such a delightful post. Love your valentines.

    The French Hutch

  5. This was also such a fun activity for me too, we would look forward to making his box ever since Christmas break was over.Your vintage Valentines are great---but your'e right- they are not POLITICIALLY CORRECT for today which is really a shame. Have a great day.

  6. Nan these were so much fun to look at! Oh my so not 'acceptable' now days! I too loved making my Valentine's day box. I always gave everyone a Valentine also! I'm going to visit you Pinterest board for more. I'm coming from Jenny's blog for my first visit but I love you blog! Hugs, Linda

  7. I just spoke with my DIL and she and the little boys have made cards for every child in their kindergarten classes. I was glad to hear that.
    I am sure that I remember some of those old valentines that you showed!

  8. What can I say - when I was a child there was no Valentine in school:)My kids did it and I let them choose whatever they wanted to do -you can't force friendship!

  9. My son made a valentine box when he was in third grade I think it was, just the once, though. He is seventeen now. I love the vintage valentines too but I agree that they are extremely politically incorrect.

  10. Very funny post. Yes, kids do still make Valentines boxes. I posted my granddaughter's box on a recent post. I remember my fav box I made. It was blue with red hearts.

    1. Nan~ I so enjoyed popping in!! Such a great post!!!
      LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

  11. Forget expelled....arrested is more like it. The hysteria is so sad these days....These are really sweet!! (in their own way) I loved making the shoebox too!! Lots of great memories. Happy VTT

  12. I remember my Valentine boxes, made out of an old shoe box with tissue paper wrap and maybe a doillie for decoration. Those are some wild Valentines!

  13. I remember having one with a skunk on it in my Valentine's Day pack of cards.

  14. This really gave me a chuckle this morning. I do remember a lot of those politically incorrect by today's standards cards. Cartoons were also just terrible by today's standards, but I am sad that my grandkids can't watch cartoon characters blowing each other up. I think that some of the violent video games are far worse than any of these sweet cards, but they are allowed!

    Strange world we live in...

  15. I love them all but the first one is hilarious. I saw at Target pre-made boxes. Isn't that ridiculous? Can you imagine the kids with the home made box and then there is the kid with the perfect bought one.

  16. This is what it should be all about. Children today do not know how to appreciate the simple things of life. Love your cards.

  17. I Love all the old vintage cards. We had to do the same and give every child a card. We were supposed to decorate a brown paper lunch bag and they were lined up on top of the cubbies. Each child was supposed to put their card to you in your bag. Then you took them home to see what other kids wrote. Thanks for the memory!~Ames

  18. Oh, I love these old Valentines. It brings back memories of grade school!

  19. My kids all made Valetine boxes. My girls always went for all the glitz and glitter but my boys loved making theirs too! I am not a very politically correct person. I take my que from Christ Himself who was not politically correct when He lived on this earth! That is what is wrong with our country today! Ack!
    I enjoyed these vintage cards. Very sweet! :)
    Come visit soon.
    Hugs Anne

  20. These are too funny...

    I really Like the vintage stuff...

    It is so interesting and cool...

    I can't even imagine what would happen today in school if these were passed out for Valentines...

    Thanks for Linking such a wonderful post for the Letter "L"!


  21. They are funny to me too, but a little before my time. We had mostly cute animals and cars and ships for the boys. And I remember them being a little more innocent, no possible pushiness or suggestion. Then again, I was a lot more innocent too!

  22. I have been spending entirely toooo much time on Pinterest lately...it's like I'm afraid I'm going to miss some good stuff-LOL. These old Valentines are gems, don't you think? I loved all of the puns! The ones for kids today are so boring...Cars, Disney Princesses...no humor anymore.
    Thanks for sharing these Nan.

  23. I remember making Valentine boxes, and I remember that therr was one boy I didn't want to give a Valentine to. I can't remember why I didn't like him, but I probably picked out the Valentine I liked least for him.


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