Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm Baaaaack!

     I'm back! Did ya'll miss me? LOL! I missed all of my bloggy friends! I said I was taking a little break and that was true but actually I was on vacation, I even left the country for a couple of days. I didn't want to broadcast the fact I would be gone, you just never know who is lurking. It is going to take me forever to get caught up on all of your blogs. I hope ya'll haven't been too chatty.
     Over the next couple of days I'm going to post a little travel log. I know it might be a little boring for you but I'm really doing it for myself. I want to have an actual record of what we did so I can look back on it in years to come. I will post pictures to go along with the log to keep it a little interesting.
     I did lots of shopping and bought some really cute "PINK" things I will be sharing this Saturday! I also did a little antiquing and one of the things I bought were these books.

How cute are they?! I think I paid less than $20.00 for all three. Over the next few months I will be scanning the pages and sharing them with all of you because they are just too cute not too.
Look at these sweet baby animals!

And these sweet little children!

And this is my fav of the three books, the pictures are just so rich.

But THIS is the most prized possession I came home with!

When my parents passed away, my sister took all the old family pictures to her home. She has divided and distributed  a very small portion of them between us but really, she hasn't even put a dent in them. We were looking for something else when she pulled this old photo album out of a box. I had never seen 95% of the pictures in this book because my grandmother gave them to my mom after I left home. The pictures above are all pictures of my Mom as a little girl. I am just overjoyed my sister let me take it with me as most of the pictures are one of a kind. I promised her I will remove them from this old nasty album, scan them, make a CD of all the pictures and divide the originals.
These pictures are of my sisters and me. I added arrows to ;point to yours truly.

Well, I'm off to get caught up on some of your blogs! TTFN, Nan


  1. Welcome back. What neat books, now I had that animal one in my life it's from the 40's I think. The album is a real find for you, take care with it and I know you'll have fun.

  2. Nan..welcome home and back to blogland. The neighborhood missed you!!In the old days when neighbors got home from a trip..the slide show was on..neighbors would come over for desserts and the shows began..slide..after slide..after slide!1 It was fun for us kids!! lol

    Looking forward to your modern day version..Of " Look what we did on our trip"

    The books are just awesome..thanks for sharing them with us! Now that album..girl you are going to have so much fun scanning and making cd's. It is fun to give to the cousins also!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham


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