Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scripture in Pictures Sunday, All Dogs go to Heaven

As I work through my grief over the loss of my beloved Chipper 
(see last Thursday's post), I have found peace in the Scriptures. Many of my friends, devout Christians, reaffirmed my faith, that ALL of God's creatures will be in heaven. Many Christians and Jews alike say NO, they don't have a soul but I found numerous passages to the contrary. Here is one of those passages.
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Peace and blessings for a wonderful new week! Nan


  1. Have a blessed Sunday NanE. Take comfort in the fact that God loves us.

  2. Nan, I have tears in my eyes after reading of your sweet Chipper. I am so sorry for your loss. I, too, believe our pets go to heaven. God knows how much we love them and that they are family, too. I believe they will greet us when we get to heaven. Have a blessed Sunday. Twyla

  3. I too, lost my dog just last week. I believe he is now in heaven with his first master, my husband. If Jesus has a horse why can't there be other animals too. It's a comfort to me to know that my husband and his dog are together now. Thank you for the scripture.

  4. Oh Nan, I've been so caught up with Mom and Dad, I hadn't been able to stop by all week...I am sooooo sorry. I do not believe God created anything just to die, never to be seen again...hey he did create animals first in the Garden. A Cherokee legend has it that he allowed the Wolf to go with Adam and Eve to help them. And, ask why then is DOG GOD backward! I think he created Wolf/Dog to remind us of unconditional love, trust, loyalty, unwaivering's Uncle was a Preist and he was would get so upset when I'd say of course animals go to heaven or talk aninmal rights and say I should be more for people know...Well I answered God didn't create anything that was discard andthat if he was more concerned how folks treated an animal he'd see less abortions and's a respect thing..and I informed him he'd better be careful...cause when he got to the Pearly Gates Peter was sure to hand him the Elephant pooper scooper for a while. That got a laugh and for years I did not know how involved he'd gotten into animals until his fellow preist's mentioned his pooper scooper at his funeral. So if a bunch of Ohio Seminarians agree, Yes all Dogs and more go to heaven.

  5. Beautiful post Nan and I'm sure that your beloved Chipper is in Heaven, I believe all Gods creatures go to Heaven. Hugs to you sweetie, Marilou

  6. Sweet personal belief is that a reunion with our dearly loved pets will be part of God's glorious plan in heaven. Why not? He created them. He created us. And, heaven is beyond our wildest dreams.

    Thinking of you with love. I'm sorry your heart is hurting.

    love to you~


  7. Hi Nan, thankyou for visiting me and your kind words. Sorry for your loss....pets are our children too.

  8. I believe animals do go to Heaven. I have an article from "Guideposts" magazine that puts it very clearly from Bible verses. Would love to send it you, but the email link isn't working. Please give me an address and I'll send it your way.

  9. Hi Nan

    So sorry to hear about Chipper -pets are like our children!

    I'm headed to look at your "tut."

    Thanks so much for stopping by - come back anytime!


  10. That is a beautiful scripture, and the picture to illustrate is darling.
    I certainly believe there will be animals on the new earth which is promised. The Bible says there will be a new heaven and a new earth. What a wonderful future to look forward to. I believe earth and heaven will actually be one.

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  12. Your pet is waiting for you in heaven. See Kat Kerr on You Tube.


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