Friday, September 16, 2011

PINK Angel's Trumpets!

Happy PINK Saturday everyone!
A few weeks ago I was inspecting a client's yard, a very boring landscape with not much to look at until I spied this spectacular beauty glowing from it's little forgotten corner of the yard.

This amazing plant is Brugmansia, commonly known as Angel's trumpets and closely related to Datura, both plants are in the family Solanaceae.

Brugmansia is a small to mid-size tree with large, strongly scented  trumpet-shaped flowers. These flowers hang downward on the Brugmansia but grow erect on the Datura.

Angel's Trumpets is native to Central and South America and are listed as a perennial. They are very easy to grow but will not tolerate cold weather. However; Brugmansia is quite content growing in a large pot so those of you in colder climates could bring it indoors for the winter!

I love the delicate look of the PINK flowers but don't let that sweet persona fool you! All parts of this plant are extremely poisonous and could be fatal if ingested by humans or animals.

The flower color of Angel's Trumpets ranges from white to pale pink, yellow, peach, pale orange and bright pink.
If you would like to see more pictures of Brugmansia or read more about this amazing plant I suggest you check out the website BGI Brugmansia Growers International.
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  1. Those are indeed beautiful ! Would love to have one but with four cats....
    Happy Pink Saturday and thanks for the lovely photos.

  2. Such beautiful flowers! My grandfather had a huge bush of them at one end of his porch in Iowa. As a little girl, I thought they were amazing. I will have to see if I can find one for our home! Your pictures are wonderful!
    PS I am sure you will save this in the new design.

  3. Oh my it's gorgeous!! Like it! Happy weekend!

    Pink or Peach

  4. That is such a beautiful plant but I sure wouldn't want anything in my yard which was extremely poisonous. Thanks for that information.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. The Angel Trumpets are beautiful! I remember one in our yard when I was growing up.

  7. Angel Trumpets are an unusual flower - my neighbor has a bush in their yard - very pretty!

  8. Really pretty flowers and beautiful photography of the Pink Trumpets. Well done. Thanks for all the information about them. Happy Pink Saturday!!!

  9. Those are beautiful! Thank you for sharing this unique plant! :)

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  10. Beautiful Nan, happy late Pink Saturday! Hugs Marilou

  11. What a pretty plant. Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday :)


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