Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pinterest ... the new Xanadu!

X is for Xanadu

Xanadu, Noun :  a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment.
Well, that about sums up my feelings about Pinterest!
Have YOU discovered Pinterest?  It is an amazing place to discover the desires of your heart and awaken your senses and dream about all the things you want to make, places you want to go and homes you want to build and decorate! But it is also a place where, if you are not careful, you will be sucked in and have your brain replaced with mush and when you emerge, will walk around like a zombie constantly repeating "must have PINS, must have PINS". 
 I have spent so much free time on Pinterest lately that I have completely neglected my blog and the blogs of my friends.  So here's the 411 on Pinterest, basically it is a virtual bulletin board where you can save (PIN) all the amazing things you find on the internet. You decide the categories for your pin boards and name them whatever you want. For example, I have a pin board titled "Food for thought" where I save yummy recipes I find while surfing.
 I have another pin board titled "Deck the Halls" where I save all the really cute ideas I find for Christmas. 
 When I first started Pinning, I thought to myself "ok, this is cool but I am NOT going to get sucked into this. I'll just set up a couple of boards to save things I REALLY want to do". HA! Famous last words!  I now have 46 separate PIN Boards and 2,942 Pins (things I've saved) and I have 67 followers on Pinterest.  I have Pin boards for pictures of cute little animals, pictures of farms and country roads and fall decorating. 
 My Nephew is getting married next year so I've set up a Pin board just for them to collect all things wedding. His adorable fiance' has started Pinning as a result. 
So now that I've piqued your interest, here's a link to MY PIN BOARDS! 
I've actually contemplated starting a new feature on my blog titled 
My Favorite PINS of  the Week so I can at least tie the two together. Anyone else up for a meme of this type?  
So yes, Pinterest is a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment and a lot of fun ... a virtual Xanadu! Just make sure if you go, you book a round trip ticket! 
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  1. I am hearing nothing but good things about Pinterest. I'm almost afraid to get involved because I, too, will probably get sucked in...


  2. I haven't tried Pinterest yet, but most of my friends have. It seems like the same as saving something in a 'favorites' folder, but more social.

  3. I've not been into Pinterest at all so maybe I better stay out of there it sounds!!

  4. Nan,
    LOL, last night I was up until 12:30 on the darn place!!! LOL I agree it is hard to find time for both my blog and Pinterest! But I will manage somehow LOL LOL And have to go to Nan's site....I follow all of it!!!!! :):)

  5. No can do! I already have way too many addictions to add another!!!

  6. Dear Nan...fellow Pinterest addict,
    I feel your pain and I'd send you a card but I'm too busy repinning your pins.
    Pinterest....what did I do before you came into my life? Oh yeah, I know...I cleaned and cooked and made I just find and pin stuff. Help!

  7. I'm trying so hard not to go there - I'd never get anything done!

  8. That sounds like fun but I have too many post to catch up on reading to devote anymore time to more internet stuff.~Ames

  9. I've just discovered pinterest and am planning to tell all my friends! I'll have to stop by...don't have 46 boards yet {:-Deb

  10. I signed up for an account last week but haven't had time to investigate it. At this point, I don't really get it.


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