Friday, October 1, 2010

Pink Saturday! Special Breast Cancer Awareness Post

Happy PINK Saturday everyone!
Today I'm reposting last Saturday's and Sunday's postings here together because I wanted to make sure everyone had the opportunity to pick up these images and use them during the month of October as they wish. If you've already seen these, I promise I'll be back with a new PINKIE post next week but check back tomorrow for a special post you can keep!

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month I thought I would share a little "Hope" with you. I drew "Hope" about seven years ago for a dear friend to use in her fund-raising efforts. Dixie if you are reading this can you believe it has been seven years?! I think, well, at least I'd like to think my drawing skills have improved but she's still kinda cute. I would love for you to use "Hope" anyway you'd like I just have three requests:
1) If you use this image for anything you sell, please consider donating a portion to the Susan G Komen foundation or another Cancer research organization.
2) Please give credit to me as the artist, all of my artwork is copyrighted.
3) If you use "Hope" on your blog I would love it if you would give a shout out to my blog.
Other than that, please enjoy using her! With Hope for all of those who are suffering from this devastating disease

You may click on either image to bring up a larger, sharper image, then, right click and save!

Please stop by How Sweet the Sound and say HI to Beverly, our host for PINK Saturday and find all the links to more wonderful PINK posts! Have a beautiful weekend, filled with Bubbles of Joy! xxoo Nan


  1. Happy Pink Saturday NanE Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh is she ever sweet, and priceless at that. I have never seen anything so gorgeous. You are a very talented gal sweetie.

    You need to keep those inks out and keep drawing. You have a beautiful God given talent, so let's not waste it. Her little daisies are breath taking and her face, that of an angel.

    I would say that even though I have never met her, that she must look like your precious friend, Dixie. Dixie you are so beautiful my friend.

    Have a gorgeous Saturday Nan Sweetie. Please know that you are so loved. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. Love the image and the special reason you created it for, Happy Pink Saturday! XOXO

  3. I saved it this time and will try to incorporate it next week. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Happy Pink Saturday.

  4. Hi Nan!

    Thanks for popping by and visiting my blog!

    It's ALL true! If men had to deal with even half of what we do when it comes to medical issues, they'd keel over in horror. Really, when you walk into the room to have a mammo done, doesn't it look like some kind of modern torture device? You want me to put my what in where?! And then they have to nerve to twist to the thing! I'm no smoker, but I feel like I should have a cigarette afterwards.


  5. Very cute-loved the scripture with it!

  6. thx for tea & chat at FHC !
    and your warm welcome to Pink Saturday!

  7. Your Hope graphic is beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! As a breast cancer survivor I really appreciate the details you gave HOPE! I became a follower today!

    I am a professor by profession but a poet at heart! Poems My Way Valrie

  8. Wow, Hope is precious! (Of course!) In more ways than one!

    Sorry I'm so late...we had a big wedding on Pink Saturday and we are just now recooperating!

    I'm catching up now!

    Bella Rosa Antiques


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