Monday, August 16, 2010

Breaking News!!! Women goes Thrifting and actually finds something! Details at Eleven

LOL, sorry, I just had to start this post that way! You see, ever since I started reading blogs, I have marveled at all the wonderful thrift store finds my bloggy friends have shared. From cute kitschy housewares to dreamy vintage Holiday decor, I've found myself swooning to the point of jealousy over such fortunate finds and wishing I could be so fortunate. But alas, the thrift store gods have never been kind to me, finding no more than beat up crock pots and stinky worn out shoes. Now I'll be the first to admit, I am not a faithful thrift shop visitor, I rarely go more than once every couple of months. This week however; I had a little extra time to spend so I stopped in a thrift store that benefits the local Womens' shelter. I strolled the isles thinking to myself, another useless trip, then I noticed a room at the back filled with Christmas Items. My excitement built as I entered, then quickly deflated, I had such high hopes of finding some really cool vintage decorations but once again nothing. As I was heading out the door, something hiding behind a cracked candle stick caught my eye. YES!!!! Finally a treasure worth carrying to the checkout! This is the treasure I found....

I don't know anything about it, I'm guessing this little Santa might be from the 70's but he sure is cute! This is the only marking on it. 

Anyone want to take a stab at his history? 

     So now I'm feeling lucky as I headed to the children's book area where I found this...

The cover is a little worn but most of the pages are in pretty good shape. 

Aren't the illustrations sweet!

And last but not least I found these cute little chairs. 

I know they aren't vintage but I thought they would look really cute in my studio holding some buttons or small trinkets. So, after all the pouting and wishing I can finally say, I found it at a thrift store! Now I'm ready to try estate sales!


  1. *LOL* You go, Girl! A good day of thrifting is as refreshing as opening the windows on a breezy spring day. Just makes ya happy!

  2. Whoo Hoo!! Isn't it fun!! I think that little guy was made for Home Interiors..I could be
    I think the chairs was a great find!!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. Oh he's older than seventies. Inarco is made in Japan stuff. They made a lot of floral pottery like the lady head vases. I always think 50's when I see a Santa like this but its probably more like early 60's. A great find!!

  4. What wonderful finds, Nan! Well done!


  5. Cute store, I must say that Santa is pretty nice and those chairs how cute are they? I just love thrift stores myself ya never know just what you'll find!!!

    Hugs Kat

  6. Will I know that I'm tired now when I put store instead of story. LOL I better go to bed now♥

  7. I have ALMOST the same Santa, only difference is on the back, mine is a bank (a slot). He was given out from my uncle's bank for a promotion at Christmas time in the late 60's.

  8. OH Nan, so glad to hear that you finally found some goodies at the thrift store! I love going into the thrift store here. Actually, we have several but I usually hit the Salvation Army store as it's right next to my grocery store.

    Yes, loads and loads of junk but I always seem to find at least 1 little treasure. It's definitely the thrill of the hunt for me!

  9. Hi Nan, I'm so glad you were able to snag a treasure! I love your vintage Santa, most of all his crunch lacey trim on his suit! I'm not much on the history of it, but it is a cutie!
    I too love vintage children's books, and a little wear n tear never deters me purchasing one if the graphics are cute! Thanks for visiting me too and for your sweet comment! Suzie

  10. Hi Nan, Since I was married in 1961 and I remember lots of great stuff I would say your Santa is for sure early 60's same as the little book I bet. My Mom used to get my now adult kids books like that when they were small and my 2 oldest were born in early 60's. Santa could even be late 50's as they carried on into the early 60's! Great finds I'm so happy for you! XOXO

  11. Very cute Santa! His sack may have held toothpicks. Seems I remember my mom or grandmother having a little santa like him and the tootpicks were in is sack. That was back in the early 70's. Glad you found a treasure!

  12. Nan! You did get lucky at the thrift store! Yeah! Your little Santa is much earlier than the 70's. The "garlic" pressed fur trim puts your Santa in the 1950's era. Watch the red paint, don't get it wet! It will easily peel away. Cute, cute, cute! Have a fun week ahead! Elizabeth

  13. kinderdoodle/Linda/ARAugust 18, 2010 at 3:06 PM

    Hi! Nan. Cute finds. Here is a link to a santa like yours on ebay. I saw another similar that said 1964 as date of issue.

  14. Cute Santa! Thrift shopping is like a treasure hunt, some days there is nothing and then you hit the jackpot! This is what keeps me going back time and again.

    You found wonderful goodies!

  15. What a GRRRRRRREAT find! SCORE!

    My big sis lives in Tennessee and she is ALWAYS finding amazing things. It blows my mind because no matter how wonderful the shopping is here in Oklahoma it is NOT as good as it is in her state. Maybe the problem is we don't give away as much in Oklahoma. Maybe we don't share...maybe we are Hoarders. Who knows! I only KNOW that when I find something fabulous at the local thrift it's because I was meant to have it. Otherwise some other treasure huntin' lady would have snatched up the "pretty" long before I walked into the door!


    Love to you~


  16. Nan,
    Love these finds!!! Especially the little chairs, I saw on one blog where she made it into a pin cushion...too cute! I was checking to see if you mailed me anything, as I have not gotten it yet, and I thought you wanted a CD???? Let me know! Sandy @521 Lake Street! :):)

  17. Lovin' your little Santa! He's in good shape-enjoy! Mine has crazing, but no pops of glaze have come off-it's just so fun:@)

  18. Love the red chairs I saw them used as cupcake holders on a tablescape on someones blog (sorry I dont recall who) ... so cute !


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