Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pink Saturday!

Happy PINK Saturday!
Please stop by How Sweet the Sound and say Hi to Beverly, our host for Pink Saturday. 
When I was about ten years old, I started taking Art Lessons with two of my BFFs. Our  teacher was a very quiet elderly man, a world traveler and a master painter in his own right. His studio was situated directly behind the old Victorian house he shared with his sister. I loved that studio, the smell of oil paints and Linseed oil mingled with the scent of fresh cut flowers and steaming hot tea.  Boxes stacked precariously along the walls and several old dressers held a treasure trove of old prints and pictures. He always refereed to them as "studies".  Many times he would arrange a little still life for us to paint but he also encouraged us to "copy" other artists so we could learn different styles. On these occasions he allowed us to rummage around in the stacks of old prints, looking for just the right piece of inspiration or to bring in our own special selection. I remember thumbing through my Mom's Better Homes and Gardens one day when I saw an ad for the most adorable puppy prints. There were four in the set, a Scottie, a Boston Terrier, a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle and all had these LARGE, almost bulging eyes. I begged my Mom to send away for them, promising her I would paint every single one of them. She always indulged my artistic whims and so she sent away for them.
I could hardly wait for them to arrive so I could copy them in my own style. In hindsight, I'm sure when my art teacher laid eyes on my "prized prints" for the first time he was probably thinking to himself "good grief, those are the tackiest dogs I have ever seen!".  I did keep my word to my mom, sort of, I painted three of the four, the only one I never got around to painting was the Cocker which is strange because that was my favorite of the four. The picture above is my rendition of the poodle painted in oils when I was eleven.

I don't have too many oil paintings with PINK in them but here is another one. 
 I painted this for my Grandfather when I was fifteen and he was so proud of it! 
That's it for my contribution to PINK Saturday this week. Have a wonderful, PINK, bubbalicious weekend everyone! Nan


  1. Great Pinks Nan, Happy Pink Saturday! Love the Pic's! XOXO

  2. Can't believe you painted that at 15-what talent!!!! Happy PS!

  3. Good Morning Nan!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    I do love the your paintings! I love the dog because he is soo cute! and I love the mill because it is just exquisite!! You certainly are an artist!!
    Thank you for sharing. I have a box of vintage greeting cards that are by the same artist as your dog prints....I think the name was "Coby". (You have inspired me for a future Pink Saturday posting!)
    Please drop in when you can.
    Warm hugs, Laura

  4. You were so talented at such a young age! I love the mill is so peaceful and serene.
    Have a wonderful weekend Nan!

  5. Dang, you're still panting right? You should be you got the eye! I loved your description of your teacher. Actually laughed of his reaction to the dogs! But what a guy! The hallmark of a true teacher.

  6. What talent my friend. You were sooo young, too! Your hands have been gifted by the Most High!

    About "As The Deer"...I'm going to do a little post using it tomorrow. It is one of my favorite songs ever...can't sing it without tearing up.

    Soooo happy you visited me today. I'm glad the song ministered to you...I pray SOMETHING on my bloggie always will...

    Love to you my artistic friend~


  7. Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy Pink wekkend to you too.

  8. I truly enjoyed your blog today and your visit. You do not appear to need much training as these are very nice pieces. I would love having either one. I believe you have more talent than you realize.

  9. Happy Pink Saturday Nan Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share today. I love your poodle and how sweet it is. I couldn't even paint that good at 53 today. I would love to see your Boston Terrier as that is what I have. His name is Bruiser, and he is in my scrollbar. I love these critters.

    Your grandfather was right to be so proud of your beautiful paddlewheel painting. Nan what a serene photo and so beautiful. I do love it. I hope you are still painting today. You do have talent sweet friend, and you should be using it. Think of all the beautiful things that you could paint on. I have two left hands, so I never could paint a stick figure let alone something as beautiful as these.

    I hope you had a wonderful day today, and have a peaceful Sunday tomorrow. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  10. Happy pink saturday! the doggie is adorable!thank you for making me smile!

  11. What talent to have to have painted those at 11 & 15!!

    Thanks for your comment, I am GREEN with envy that you live in my favorite city...we try to visit one of two weekends a year and eat our way across the peninsula!! At least parking the car when we arrive walking from restaurant to restaurant helps combat some of the calories we consume :-)

  12. That is a beautiful painting for a teenage.. The pink tree is so pretty! Thanks for stopping by me blog I truly appreciated it!!

    Renee ♥

    PS blog name is adorable

  13. You painted that poodle when you were 11? Good grief girl...what a talent you have and I love the cowgirl one too! Happy Pink belated Saturday. xo Lynn


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