Monday, December 20, 2010

Some random thoughts for Monday!

Hi everyone, hope you had a great weekend! Well Friday night was Mr Bubble's (giggle) big company party. We had a great time but it was a little sad too as two thirds of the employees will not have a job after the first of the year. We are so thankful that dh is not one of them. I showed you a picture of my dress HERE, but I didn't show you my shoes or jewelry. 
This is the bracelet and earrings I wore, I thought they were a pretty good match.

And here are the shoes I bought. I always have a hard time with shoes because I have always had really fat wide feet. I usually go in a store and ask if they have the box in a size 9, LOL!

Oh, and I decided to let my hair go curly. I had my hairdresser show me how to do a simple up-do and here is a shot of the back, I'm usually all thumbs when it comes to things like this so I'm pretty happy with the results!

And here's a shot of Mr Bubble and I enjoying the night.

Now one more random thought for today. My poor white tree!  You are probably asking WHAT is going on with that tree skirt?! 

Well.... Little Hippy is having a false pregnancy and she has decided to make a nest under the tree and snuggle her babies under the tree skirts! 

UGH, gotta love her! Have a great week everyone, xxoo Nan


  1. What a beautiful couple you two are, Nan! Great picture!

  2. You both look lovely and so that word. Glad you had such a good time.

  3. Glad you had a good time and that your dh still has his job! Pretty everything!

  4. You looked so pretty! I'm sure happy your husband has kept his job and my heart goes out to those who are losing theirs. Such a tremendously hard time for so many.

    Your little dog is adorable.


  5. Beautiful dress and it looks great on you Nan. You two look happy and I feel so bad for all the people out of work this coming year, so sad.

  6. You look beautiful Nan, so sorry about his fellow employees, I totally understand as i have a son that has been out of work for 6 months and was relieved that the benefits were extended as he just got his last check and you know who would have to help make a car pmt. No car, makes it harder to find job! Catch 22, but it can always be worse, so I'm grateful. Hugs and Merry Christmas! Your hubby looks handsome too!

  7. Hi Nan!
    WOW! You look smashing indeed! The hair and accessories are perfect! You couldn't have done better if Mr. Armani himself had dressed you! GORGEOUS!

    How hard for the employees to have to "whoop it up" at an office party knowing their jobs would not be there after the new year. OUCH! I will be praying for each of them!

    Your puppy is adorable. WHY IS IT puppies ALWAYS want to snuggle in the most inconvenient places? Who could say no to that face tho?!? So sweet!

    I hope you and Mr. Bubble (teehee) have a wonderful Christmas! And how about joining me and my merry throng of bloggers for New Years Eve? Consider this your "cordial" invitation. lol

    Paula Clare

  8. You look awesome. Love the shoes and your updo. That's cute about the puppy-i'd want to snuggle under there if I could. Have a Very Merry Christmas!

  9. So sweet how your puppy is celebrating the season. :)

    You and Mr. Bubbles (I love that!) both look so nice in you finery.

  10. You are beautiful! The jewelry doesn't begin to shine as brightly as you did! What an absolutely sweet couple!


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