Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This and That

   First a little prayer request! Oldest dd is finishing up exams today and she is so worried. This kid has the toughest schedule: Molecular Genetics, Organic Chemistry and Plant Biology! Geesh, I can barely spell it. She is such a sweetie and takes everything to heart. She called me at 7:30 this morning, just so I could give her spirits a little boost but I think she gave mine a boost instead.
    I just had to share this picture of dd#2, taken on the Great Wall for their concert they performed at the wall, how cool is that! Look straight above the N in concert, that's dd bending over, in the white jacket. 

Have a great day everyone! xxoo Nan


  1. I can hear your pride loud and she did well on her test. My son, in RN school, will be taking finals on Friday so I know how much pressure they're under. Your dd in China looks like she had a great time. Take care.

  2. I would hate to think I had to take a test now. I always froze up on that day. I doubt I could do a kindergarten work now. I am sure your dd will do just fine. Those are hard subjects.

  3. What a beautiful blog! I love the design!


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