Wednesday, February 16, 2011

S is for Vintage Shoes

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you this special announcement!
S is for Stinkin, lousy Sinuses!

Mr Bubble (giggle) calls me indestructo because I am never sick. However; for the last nearly three weeks I have been battling sinus problems: thumping ears, throbbing head, stuffed up nose, sore throat and so hoarse I could barely talk, which my co-workers would say was NOT a bad thing, lol! I finally broke down and went to the Doctor today. She looked in my ears and said ooooooh! Then she looked down my throat and up my nose and said "boy, you are really sick!". I looked at her and said "really?". She said every sinus cavity that could be blocked up was and she gave me two prescriptions, one for an antibiotic and one for a nasal spray plus she wants me to take Claritin twice a day and use a saline wash in my nose twice a day.  Ugh, I would hope with all that I should feel better pretty quick!
Now back to our regularly scheduled program.
S is for Vintage Shoes!
These sweet little shoes belonged to my Mom. She was born in 1931 and I'm guessing they were probably her first pair of shoes judging from the size.

Wasn't she a cutie! I can't tell if she is wearing the same Shoes but the ones in the picture look lighter in color.

Look at those sweet rosey cheeks and notice those little lace up Shoes. I wonder what ever happened to that baby doll she is holding on to so tightly?

And check out these Shoes!

I don't know about you but when my girls were toddlers I had a hard enough time getting them to sit still while I fastened the velcro straps on their tennis shoes, imagine trying to lace up and tie those things! I love the baggy, thick tights she is wearing! My Mom grew up to be a true Shoe-aholic, I guess she was making up for having to wear all those ugly Shoes as a little girl!
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  1. Let me know if you need to borrow my TP head device in my previous post. Worked good enough I'm feeling better plus it kept people away from sorry you're feeling puny and hope you mend soon. Love your moms sweet photos. She probably was really in style with those sturdy, serviceable shoes.

  2. Sweet S post. Love anything vintage. The shoes are adorable.

    Saline spray really helps with sinus issues. If you can figure it out, a neti pot works wonders too.

  3. very sweet post. Love the shoes!

  4. JDaniel would have wiggled the whole time I tried to put those shoes on him.

  5. What wonderful pictures! I wish I had some like that of my mom. Thank you for sharing them. JoAnn @ Stitches and Thyme.

  6. Feel better soon Nan! I love the shoes your Mom wore and the pic's of her are so cute! I'm trying to get sick and not wanting to cave into the thing so I know what you mean, Hugs Marilou

  7. Your health issue is going around everywhere. So many people and children around here have that same problem. It is very hard to get over. I loved those old shoes and the pictures of the children.

  8. The shoes are adorable and so wonderful that they belonged to your Mom. ~~Sherry~~

  9. Cute post for letter S. The shoes and pics are so sweet! Get well soon. Following you.

  10. When I saw the title I thought you were going to write about cruel shoes. Thank goodness they were baby shoes! Your mom was such a cutie! I bet you look like her.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!!!!

  11. your shoes are adorable. loved the old pics!

  12. What very sweet pictures! Love the shoes. I have a pair that were mine, but they aren't quite that old ;-)


  13. I do love those shoes ... i have a pair of mine that i plan to alter!

  14. What great photos....

    Love the shoes and your Mom is so sweet...

  15. Oh how sweet! Your mom and the shoes!

  16. Oh, what sweet shoes and photos. It is amazing you still have these. I really enjoyed your post, thanks for linking in. Happy VTT!

  17. Precious! Love the shoes and your mom,what a doll

  18. Soooo sweet! Those are just precious.
    Hope you are feeling better very soon!

  19. I am so sorry to hear you are suffering from sinus problems. That is one thing I rarely miss about living in Ohio!

    Those picures are so superbly sweet.

    I love looking at photos like that. I always wonder what was happening around the picture and what the people were thinking.

    Thanks for a super link this week for Alphabe-Thursday's letter "S".

    I enjoyed this very much!


    And hope you start feeling better soon!

  20. Nan, the shoes & pictures are just precious. So love her happiness in each picture.

    Happy PS weekend.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  21. How special that your have those sweet little shoes and even more so the precious pictures of your mom as a baby and little girl!
    S is for super sweet and special!

  22. Hi Nan!!! Those little shoes are so eeeekkkking cute. And what a sweetie pie your Mama was. I would love to have a keepsake like that.

    Oh' honey, I don't know how you've kept going for so long. I have a terrible time with sinus'. Maybe I should say I use to. It's much better now that I've had the surgery for deviated septum. But I still take allergy pills daily and use prescription nasal spray, lots of Puffs tissues with Vicks, (if you haven't tried them you should). I also used to hate the smell of lavender but love it now because the sachet pillows actually seem to help some when I'm blocked. Of course living in FL, the pollen capital isn't good, but everytime it changes from hot to cold, vice-versa, or when it clouds up, my sinus go a rye. Didn't mean to write a book but that stuffs a booger! So take care get rest and quit pushing yourself so hard.

    Love ya, Tracy :)

  23. I loooved coming to your blog, it almost feels like home! I looove anything to do with Ireland, so of course the music was a kick and then your adorable Rose, my Granddaughter Lulu got two turtles for Christmas this year. One little guy escaped and they found him hours later under the kitchen stove, they're not sure how he even got under there, but after they added water to his dusty little shell, he went on about his business, after he got over his shell shock,(for lack of a better word)! I also looove childrens vintage shoes, I have a few onsie's that I adore! This was my first 'Pink Saturday' and was so happy you came to visit my blog! Thanks so much!!! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs


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