Wednesday, February 23, 2011

T is for Turtle

T is for Turtle!
Meet Rose

Rose is an Eastern Box turtle and she has been a part of our family for nearly 19 years. The Summer before my oldest daughter turned 5, she became obsessed with turtles and that is all she wanted for her Birthday. We were going to get her a water turtle but then decided on a Box Turtle because they are much easier to care for.

Rose eats turtle pellets but she also enjoys Earth worms, fruits and veggies, her favorites are Blackberries and she loves cottage cheese. During the Winter months, she hangs out in the Sunroom under the plants but once the weather warms up, she will take up residence on the screen porch. Rose loves to have the underside of her neck rubbed and enjoys a soak in a warm bath. And here are some sweet vintage turtles!

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  1. This is Such a Sweet Post! LOVE Rose, she is a very pretty lady! Thank you for introducing us to her...

  2. Oh is she ever sweet and you've had her 19 years. I think they live a very long time can't they. You are great parents for her to care for her so many years and she is still thriving so it must be the right what you are doing.

  3. Now that's sweet. 19 years, she just may outlive all of you. I have heard they can live a long time and you must be doing all the right things for her. I had a box turtle, Little Moe, when I was a kid. He ran away. We had taken him out to get some fresh air and sun, turned out backs a few minutes and he was gone! We looked everywhere! He was super fast.
    About 15 years ago, Craig and I were driving on a country road and came across a snapper that didn't look right. So I turned around and went back. It was a very wet spring and this little guy had in the past been ran over by a mower. He was missing 1/2 of his back leg and had scars all over his shell. He had to drag the back part of his shell where mud had collected and he was having great difficulty moving for the mass. We brought him home, cleaned him off, fed and watered, watched him for several days and then took him to a state park with a lake and creek, and plenty of bugs, plants and no fast traffic!

  4. I love turtles. I don't think any of the presidents had turtles for pets, but you can check out other prez pets on my blog if you’re in the mood for a good ol' irreverent howl.

  5. aww! Rose is so awesome! wow 19 years old.. I had a cat that lived to be 19 once. I imagine a turtle probably does have a long life. Do you know what her life expectancy is? You all must take really good care of her. what a great pet! (except for the earthworms part..I really hate those things!)
    have a great day!

  6. That is a long time to have a turtle. We has some small ones when the kids were small but I don't know what happened to them. That's both sad and bad, isn't it.

  7. I had no idea pet turtles could live that long.

    That's a sweet Valentine.

  8. My favorite thing about Alphabe-Thursday is when I find a blog that I think I'll love. New follower! I'll be back.
    I bought two little water frogs in August, thinking they'd be gone in a month. Now they are part of our family. Maybe like Rose?

  9. Wow! I did not know turtles lived that long!! I love your little turtles you showed today. So cute!! Happy VTT!

  10. What an interesting story on turtles. Glad you came up with such a neat and different post. Nice job.

  11. Hello Rose! I think you are lovely!

  12. I bet tickling a turtle's chin is fun!

  13. I had no idea they lived this long, how neat! She's cute ... for a turtle.

    TTFN ~
    Have a beautiful day ~

  14. 19 years ... wonderful!!!! i do love turtles, they are such an interesting creature!

  15. A pet Turtle...I mean a really long time pet, too! Good for ya'll! Neat post for the Letter T.

  16. That turtle could eventually be a member of your daughter's wedding party! Excellent post!

  17. Rose is a beauty.

    I love Judie's idea that the turtle can be a ring bearer (or flower turtle) someday.

    What a terrific link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "T".

    Thanks for the big smile.


    PS. That valentine was adorable.

  18. Fantastic post - I had no idea that turtles would enjoy being petted. Love the vintage valentine, too.

  19. Rose is a beauty! And so well taken care of by your family. PS - I'm an OH gal too (raised there but not born there). You have such a wonderful blog!


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