Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's Red and White and Vintage All Over?

What's RED and White and VINTAGE all over?
My kitchen window, all dressed up for Valentines day!
After I took all the Christmas decorations down, my kitchen window looked so bare, I decided to decorate it for Valentines Day. 

I bought the little white tree and the cupcake and pink bird ornaments at Wal Mart before Christmas. I cut the little hearts out of felt with my Sizzix and added some cute little buttons. I added a few vintage Valentines to an old heart shaped candy box. For the Cupids at the top of the window, I used a vintage poster board Cupid and traced it onto some sparkly scrapbook paper.

I added the same little hearts to the "LAUGH" that I bought in the dollar section at Target and added a string of them to the little snowgirl. I suspended some vintage Valentines from the top of the window and tucked one under the arm of the little skiing snowman. 

The window makes me smile every time I walk in the kitchen and now I'm already planning a St. Patrick's Day theme and a theme for Easter. 
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  1. that is a very sweet Valentines Winter vignette...Thanks for sharing,Mica

  2. Nane, that would make me smile every time, too! It is adorable! I love the white tree. So cute.
    Hugs- Tete

  3. HA! I just knew you'd be doing something valentine-y in your kitchen window! Love your little white tree, and how the cupids with the garland frame it all out. It's so sweet!
    Happy REDnesday!

  4. I LOVE how nice and deep your kitchen window is. It's so Perfect for your Winter Valentine Display! LOVE IT!!! I have a little German tree that has ONLY RED Lights on it in one of my windows.
    Thank you for sharing your charming window scene.
    Have a wonderful week,

  5. I love what you did here and you have given me an idea for my beautiful velvet heart shaped box I totally forgot about that. I can put some Valentines on it like you did, very cute.

  6. Looks great, I can see that it would make you smile-enjoy:@)

  7. What a great place to cheer you up while doing dishes. I love the sweetheart tree.

  8. You did a nice job going from Christmas decorations right into Valentine. Looks very pretty.

  9. seeing that must make it easier to clean the kitchen!

  10. It sure did make me Smile! What a fun place to do the dishes! Really Red, too!

  11. what a wonderful tree. Looks great for Valentine's day.

  12. Lovely V-day decorations.. sure lights up one's day viewing it.

  13. I love the decorated tree. The whole window looks great!

  14. Nan, you are just a marvel! A Valentine tree! What a great idea.

  15. You sure do have the holiday spirit! Your blog is even beautifully decorated. What a happy place to visit today-thank you!

    Best wishes always,

  16. Very pretty and sweet :)

  17. Love the Valentine tree! I am your newest follower.

    Susan and Bentley

  18. I love the little hearts with buttons. Too cute!

  19. I love the white tree! I have a tree in my family room that I usually just decorate for Christmas, but maybe it needs to become a Valentine Tree?


  20. Nan! I made your famous window display! I am so honored! I love that you have this space to transform for the holidays. I got your Valentine too, and am just thrilled to pieces with it! I love that we both chose kittens. Like minds! I wish you the very best Valentine's Day Nan, you are such a sweet person! Elizabeth

  21. I love your Valentine Decor !
    Happy Valentine's Day !

  22. Love this one too in case I forgot to tell you but then again your Window is always my favorite of you post pic'! I look forward to the next holidays and your window! Hugs Marilou

  23. What a sweet and romantic link for Alphabe-Thursday's letter "R".

    Love all your clever decorating ideas.

    Such a fun and happy visit you shared with us this week!

    I'm still smiling.


  24. I am so sorry. The post above is from me...not Angela. Somehow my daughter signed into her google account here and I can't get it to switch back.

    I need to re-boot my computer but now, somehow, I can't even delete that comment.

    Anyway...the message (and A+ above) is from me, Jenny.

  25. What cute Valentines day stuff! I love the background of your blog too!


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