Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Fall home tour

I love decorating for Fall so I thought I would give ya'll a little tour of some of the things I finished over the weekend.
First up, Sam Sam the Strawman. Sam has been with our family for about 19 years although he did take a little hiatus after my girls left for college. Our house sits about 150' back from the street and Sam is located about half way between our house and the street.

Poor Sam had to endure a total head transplant about 9 years ago but he seems to have recuperated just fine!
This is my front door. I bought the wreath/basket at Wal Mart, took everything out of it, rearranged it and added a few more stems.

This display sits on an antique dressing table in my foyer. I love the pumpkin people and the blocks are new this year, a great find at TJ Maxx!

This is the fireplace in the living room. I painted the picture over the fireplace. :)

And on a shelf right beside the fireplace is this spooky little gathering.

This display sits on top of the computer cabinet in the sunroom.It is actually much taller than it looks. The largest tree is about 3' tall, which by the way are part of a Christmas display, I just added some cob webbing and sparkly spiders! 

And finally these little Annalee dolls sit on top of a bookcase in my kitchen and are my latest collection. I have admired them from afar for a long time but with a price tag of about $30.00+ a piece, I couldn't justify starting a new collection. Then a few weeks ago I was in Marshalls and they had these guys for $9 each. How could I pass? I could get 4 for the normal cost of 1!

So that's my little tour, I'm glad you stopped by! xxoo Nan


  1. Oh my gosh those Anna Lee's are darling. I have a reindeer and a Santa you'll see in my Christmas display. That little witch is just too cute I'm going to have to look her up on line. You were so fortunate to find such a sale as that !! I know the South does a lot of seasonal decorating. Here we don't at all. I do nothing as we get NO kids way out here trick or treating. I don't see any large outdoor displays either around Halloween. Nan

  2. I absolutely love Sam Sam the Strawman and your mantle display! Everything is really nice but those two... fabulous! Thanks for the tour...it fills me with...bubbles of joy!! :)

  3. Oh Nan!!!!!
    You have a lovely home and I think Sam looks great!!!!! Everything is so festive! I just wish I could come for a visit! :):) Sandy

  4. Very Cute.
    Thank you for the fall home tour. I love to visit homes. And, thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner.

  5. That is just wonderful! Good job, Nan!

  6. Your decorations are wonderful - so fallish and perfect for Halloween!


  7. I totally love all your decorations... we don't decorate to much up here... but I sure enjoyed your tour.

  8. Hi Nan~
    I enjoyed your tour so much...everything looks lovely. I really like the basket of flowers on your front door...such a nice change from the usual wreath. Looks great!

  9. Thanks for the tour - your home Spooktacularly Delightful

  10. Nan, thank you for sharing your home with us. Sam is wonderful! and the Fall decor is so fabulous. You have a wonderful talent for decorating.


  11. Nan ~ Thank you for opening your door for us to have a peek at your decorations. Everything is wonderful...

  12. Nan this is just adorable I love it and what a beautiful picture you painted !

  13. Hey Nan. Where the heck have I been. Oh how I miss not sharing a computer. Love the tour. You are so cute and funny. Sam the Straw Man, love him. You fall decor looks magazine perfect. Just a beautiful fall display.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  14. Wow, you are quite the artist! Everything looks awesome. I love Sam-Sam.


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