Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pink Saturday Depression Glass

Happy PINK Saturday everyone!
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Continuing the theme of this past week, I'm going to share some more family treasures today but these treasures are all PINK, PINK Depression glass to be exact. I know that Depression Glass gets it name because it was manufactured during THE Depression but looking at it's PINK sparkly brilliance makes me anything but depressed!

This first piece is depression glass but is also known as Cambridge Glass because that is the name of the company that manufactured it. Cambridge Glass was/is considered some of the finest glassware ever manufactured. This pieces is a little "thicker" than most of the Depression Glass we normally see and the color a little more intense and has a little more "orange" to it.

This bowl and the divided relish tray have the same pattern.

And I love this sweet little delicate bowl. I also have a bowl the same shape in a pale green.

And THIS is the star of my depression glass collection,

There are eight glasses in this set. My mom used these at Holidays and other special occasions as water goblets but I have never used them. I know, I know, I can hear ya'll saying "what are you saving them for?" I'm always afraid if I pulled them out, someone might break one and then I'd have to kill that person, LOL, JUST kidding!
So that's my tour of my small but treasured, PINK Depression Glass collection. Have a wonderful weekend, filled with Bubbles of Joy! xxoo Nan


  1. Good morning Nan!!!
    Oh, thank you sooo much for posting pink depression glass! You know how much I love it!!!
    I have an oblong/rectangular platter in the same pattern. It is Adam by Jeanette Glass Company 1932-1934. My brother gave it to me ( along with five other pink depression glass items) in the early 1970's. He bought our neighbour's house (very ancient Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, who were selling their home and everything in it!)
    I also have ten small juice glasses and a decanter that match your stemmed glasses. I do not know the pattern of it.
    Thanks so much for sharing your pink glass today. When I went to check on the Adam piece in one of my cupboards, I saw other pink pieces that I had forgotten that I owned!! Shameful!! I guess I should organize all my glass and keep it in one spot, so I remember to enjoy all of it!!
    I hope you have a lovely Pink Saturday and Happy Hallowe'en.
    Warm hugs, Laura

  2. Ooopps!! I meant to say...same pattern as your bowl and divided relish dish!

  3. Hi What a cute Pink GLASS COLLECTION post!
    Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful Halloween!


  4. what a beautiful pink glass collection!! so lovely!!


  5. Happy PS to you! Love your depression pieces and the bowl and divided are Adam. I think the diamond cut is Diana- but will look it up for you and the glasses this weekend. Diana is most sought after and expensive when you are lucky enough to find it.
    I am from OHIO, too! I have been through Tiffin, Oh- but it was not known so much for the glassware when I was a kid. That's where the nuthouse was- LOL!
    Hugs- Tete

  6. Beautiful glass! Of course I love depression glass. If you're curious, the first pink oval platter is Miss America from Hocking, the next two are Adam from Jeannette and the handled dish is Cleo etched by Cambridge Glass.

    Your pictures are so good it is like we can hold these special pieces.

  7. Ok- I'm back- can't find my book! But looked up Diana and it is swirled and not a diamond point pattern so it's not Diana. Found a few banded glasses, too, but not the same as yours. I'll keep looking. Wish I still had Ruby to help!

  8. Happy Pink Saturday, Nan.

    I love pink Depression glass - and the green is my second favorite. I have iced beverage glasses in the Mayfair pattern. I do use them, but I know what you mean about being cautious of breakage. I also have a biscuit jar and just a few other pieces in pink Depression glass.

    Thank you for sharing your treasures.

  9. Love all your Pink Depression glass, I have the same oval dish as your first one in clear that was my Mothers, it was always on the table for Thanksgiving dinner with cranberry sauce slices on it. Thanks for the memory! Pinky Hugs, Marilou

  10. I love this glass and have only one piece from my Mom. I years later found out it was a square tray for a mayonnaise container of pink glass as well.

  11. Nan,
    I swear we are sisters from other mothers! I have that same sweet divided dish, it was my grandmother's then my moms, and now mine. only mine is the pretty depression green! I use it at the holidays for pickles and olives. How ironic! We need to meet someday!!!!! LOL Sandy Don't you love Depression Glass and to think it came in soap and cereal and was a dime or so at the 5 and 10 store......I am telling you we need a time machine and some relly old money! LOL

  12. Happy Pink Saturday. I also have the little dish with handles. I got it from my aunt's estate, who never had children. I can't believe with how delicate most of it is, that it has survived.

  13. I love your pinks. It really brings back memories of my mom & grandmother's items. I'm pretty sure my brother has them all now. He's the entertainer and I'm the Pink Saturday.

  14. A perfectly lovely and special collection of D-Glass ware you have. Made even more special by being Family Heirloom pieces. Your photos are exceptional to show the detail on each piece. Love the glasses...they look very safe on the shelf!

  15. What pretty glass! Depression glass is all but depressing. Such pretty colors.

  16. Pink depression glass is wonderful-wish I had more of it!!!! So delicate too!

  17. Love your pink depression glass pieces. I have a few that were passed to me from my mother. Yours are beautiful. Especially the glasses.

  18. I really enjoyed seeing the different pieces of your depression glass. I have some REALLY old pieces that I have inherited down through the years. I do not use it though.



  20. Hi Nan - I love your Depression glass. I have a few pieces from my mother also and I treasure them. I especially love the little floral garland designs on some of the pieces. Thank you for visiting me yesterday (I'm still getting around to everyone) and leaving such a sweet comment. Happy Halloween and Happy Pink Saturday Weekend!

  21. Good Morning NanE Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh, what a beautiful share. I love pink depression glass. I have a couple of pieces myself, one day I will post about them. I love the goblets or water glasses. Sweetie they are absolutely breathtaking. How beautiful they shine.

    I now people always say, "What are we waiting for, but you know sometimes we just are so afraid of one of them getting broke that we have a tendancy to protect them in the cabinet." You will bring them out when you are ready.

    The floral garland design is so beautiful, it just takes my breath away. Love it.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend sweetie. Sorry I am so tardy for getting over here. I keep pushing.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  22. Hi Nan!
    Oh gosh, what wonderful treasures you've inherited, so lovely!
    I ran over here after I read your post on E's blog about your ME experience - I tossed most of my ME mags and have been flogging myself ever since. So we can commiserate together.
    Happy week to you,

  23. You have some beautiful pieces of depression glass Nan and the glasses are really lovely! They are very hard to find and I was told that it is because they were so cheap in earlier years that people used them every day and so they got broken easily.I only use my pieces with my good china...a few times a year. Silly, huh?
    Thanks for sharing these with us.

  24. Hi! I have the exact same small dish with the handles (4th picture) and I was researching it and found your blog. My mom has an antique booth that I plan on selling it in and was trying to find out how much it is worth. I am writing you really to find out if you interested in it before I try to sell it elsewhere. If so, I will hold off selling it and could sell it to you. Let me know! Thanks for posting this picture so I knew what I had!


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