Monday, January 24, 2011

A few random thoughts for Monday

     First I have to tell you, I was blown away by all the comments on my post from last week "It's All About Me". Second, I have to confess, I've been a bad bloggy sister the last couple of weeks. So many of you have left such sweet comments and I have not been able to get caught up with replying. Please know that I have read each and every comment and will try my darnedest to get by and visit you this week! 

      Next, I have to thank Joyce at Scrap for Joy, because I am the lucky winner of her most wonderful Birthday Giveaway! If you have never visited Joyce's blog, she creates the most wonderful banners. Stop by and tell Joyce HI!   
     Youngest DD informed me last week that she, along with 5 of her roommates are planning on coming to Charleston for Spring Break! They are all looking to go "cheap" this year and figured they could save a lot of $$$ staying at our house. 

Of course I said yes and then pulled out the calender to figure out when they have Spring break. As I was looking at the calender, I noticed that Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday) is not until March 8th this year! 

If Mardi Gras is that late, Easter must really be late!

So I flipped the calender over to April, sure enough, Easter is not until April 24th! You know what that means? 

Lots of extra time to create all those cute Easter and Spring crafts! So those of you like me, that are tired of dreary, cold weather, just think of all the cuteness that will soon start appearing on blogs and in stores! 
xxoo Nan


  1. Hi Nan,
    It's late and has been a really rough day, but I just wanted to write real quick and answer your question. A Bumper Book is a very large children's book that seemed popular 1930s-1960s. If you look up "The Bumper Book" on Ebay, you'll find some. I found one on vacation this past summer for only $8.65 because it's very beat up. The pictures are just gorgeous though. I love artwork especially from the 30s and 40s.

    They can be pretty expensive books, but I'm not sure if some are remakes. After seeing one from the 60s, it seemed to have the same artwork from the one I have from the 30s and of course, the one from the 60s is much cheaper.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Hi Nan, I'm so sorry for all that has been going on with you and your neighbors daughter, you know I always comment on your post and I don't know what is up with blogger but I find it upsetting, I haven't seen a post of yours on my feed until now and the last that I saw was the one I commented on in the January when you re did your blog. Of course I would be praying for your needs directly or indirectly. I looked on my followers and your face has disappeared and so have one or 2 others but if I look on their list it shows that you are still following, I don't know what they did with your picture. I read on another blog that a few others were having the same problem with the followers or following link problem and I also read where someone's followers disappeared altogether, long story short I have missed you and your sweet smile. I wish blogger would quit messing with program, just when we think we have it all figured out they mess it up. I just now changed my image over to google friends connect to see if that helps. Again you have been missed and will stay in my prayers, needed or not! Hugs to you and you were missed! XOXO Marilou

  3. I didn't realize that about the dates. thanks for the reminder. Congrats on your win and having children come home for any reason is wonderful. I'm glad for you all.

  4. Nan,
    Thanks for the update on your neighbors daughter. I'll be thinking of her and her family. Congrats on winning the banner. I' haven't finished Valentines, but can't wait to do some Easter crafting!


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