Sunday, November 7, 2010

100 posts, 100 followers and 100 random thoughts!

    I've been called for Jury duty and must report tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM sharp. Do these people not realize this is going to put a severe hurting on my Blogging time? LOL! Knowing I might not be able to blog all week, I wanted to post about a few different topics tonight.
     It suddenly dawned on me that I, MOI, have just reached 100 posts and I am almost to 100 followers! I know it is customary to have a little giveaway when you reach one or both of these milestones but I had not planned on reaching either of these so fast and so I have nothing planned, zip, zero, nada! So, I've decided to postpone my little celebration for my 100th post, wait till I have 100 followers and have a little bloggy party for both at a later date. I don't even know what one of those random number generator thingies is, so I will need to look into that as well!
     As you might know, Elizabeth of Bluebird Papercrafts is hosting the cutest ever swap, an Apron Pocket Swap. I finally finished mine over the weekend and thought you might like a little sneak peek.
The name of my diner was The Chatterbox, a real life hangout of mine, growing up!

Here are two different versions of the front of the apron pocket.
Here's the back of the pocket showing a little pocket that holds one of my most favorite recipes, an amazing dip by the name of Tennessee Sin. I will share the recipe for this later, it is my most requested appetizer.

These pockets are constructed using the "sandwich method" as Elizabeth would say. that is, paper, cardboard and a second sheet of paper. Even though Elizabeth uses empty cereal boxes for the cardboard  portion, I did not have any readily available  so I used Bristol paper. Bristol paper is a very stiff paper and a great alternative to chipboard or cardboard.
Well, that's it for this week, don't gab too much while I'm gone! Have a bubbly day, Nan


  1. I am so sorry you got picked for jury duty. I always get out of it one way or another! My cousin's the sherrif so I usually know the arresting officer(s).
    Then they don't want me. My mother loved doing this. She sat in on some very interesting cases.
    Hope you get discharged early so you can blog again!

  2. Nan, Can you see me smiling? It's a great big one! How cute are these pocket tags, and how on earth did you make your own order forms? Nan, I am so happy you were able to join our swap. You are just the sweetest person and inspiring in every way. I can't wait to see what your recipe is! Have a great week ahead! Elizabeth

  3. PS Congratulations on 100 posts! I tried to be your 91's follower, but I already do follow. Here's to 100 and 100 more! E

  4. Congrats on 100 posts and soon to be 100 followers. Those pockets are so cute. I'm a buyer not a maker and people need us a creative bone in me.

  5. Oh! Your apron pockets are so cute!! I'm sure you'll be at 100 before you know it!

  6. Nan,
    Aw...jury duty. I remember that. I got called to sit on a major murder case when I was 7 months pregnant, and when they asked us if anyone couldn't do just 2 potty breaks a day I raised my hand, they asked me to stand up and when I did, both lawyers laughed! Needless to say I was excused....LOL Your tags are awesome!!!!!!! LOVE THEM and they are so you!!!!!!! Hang in there! Sandy

  7. Hey Nan,
    Great Apron Pockets. Love that little cute. Sorry they are whisking you away to Jury Duty. I know I'm due to be called soon, and not looking forward to it. Try to have fun, anyway!

  8. Hi Nan again! I just wanted to let you know that an individual may be contacting you to purchase your tags. I don't know this person, but she has been making these requests from my earliest swaps as well as other hostess who I have participated. I don't know why. Just wanted to let you know! E

  9. Congrats on 100 posts. I love the pockets they are just adorable.

    Maybe you won't get picked for the jury they usually have lots of people there to pick from.

  10. Well...I was standing on my head trying to read all of that recipe card. Can't wait until you post the recipe. Your party sounds like fun and I can't wait to attend. And those pockets...oh cute are they? Have a wonderful week Nan. Wondering if they kept you for jury duty?? xo


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