Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lookee What I found!

I was putting some Halloween decorations in the attic when I noticed this little spot of red poking out from under a pile of garbage bags filled with stuffed animals. 

Being the curious creature that I am, I decided to move the bags and in the process discovered something I thought had long since gone to the Goodwill! 

These two sweet garden Gnomes belonged to my parents. The little guy is 11" tall and the big guy measures 19-1/2" tall.

The big guy is holding a lantern in his hand. The white plastic part has started to crumble but I'm guessing the light still works. If so, I'm going to figure out something to replace the white part with. 

They both still have their original manufacturer's tag attached so I did a little investigating to see what I could find out about Heissner and was pleasantly surprised! I knew my parents purchased them around 1970, so that makes them about 40 years old but that is all I knew.

The first thing I learned is they were manufactured in Germany. The second thing I learned is that August Heissner was one of two people to produce Gnomes in quantity and started production around 1870. So you might say that the Heissner Gnomes are partially responsible for Gnomes becoming the popular little characters we know and love today. And since they are wearing read hats are decorative and I think old enough to be vintage,
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  1. "Oh what a treasure to find"!!! I LOVE these guys, you are very lucky to have them and the sentiment that goes with them... Thank you SO much for sharing them with us...
    Hugs, Donna

  2. Glad you were cleaning or we would never have seen these cute little fellows. They make a nice feature for Rednesday.

  3. Oh this is wonderful you found these gnomes. As you know I love gnomes myself and have several but none this special. That white piece looks just like some small plastic pipe we have around here. Look in that section of a hardware store, maybe a fitting of some sort could go on there.

  4. What cute little guys. I'm glad you found them.

  5. Totally vintage and just too adorable!

  6. I hope they aren't going to Goodwill now. If so let me know which one and what day and I'll try to get them. They are really nice and you took a great photo of them.

  7. So glad you found them...what treasures...such fun guys....have a blessed Thanksgiving day...Shelley

  8. That is neat to learn about where your Gnomes came from. To think, they almost ended up at Goodwill.

    Have a great thanksgiving!


  9. Very nice gnomes and not of the quality I usually see. Be care where you put them, they can get into mischief or someone may take them... I am never quite sure when it comes to gnomes.

  10. Gnomes make me smile :)

    Happy Rednesday and have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family:)

    Kay Ellen

  11. Great treasures! These are some charmers! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Nan, I hope these never make it to Goodwill! They're SO cute and whimsical, and so much nicer than the cheap ones made today. These guys are real treasures!
    Happy REDnesday and Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. How cute! So glad you found them! Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. How precious are those guys. And you still have the tags on them - wow!!!

    Gosh I can't believe we're saying the 70's were 40 years ago. How did that happen? ha-ha.

    Love...Tracy :)

  15. What a great discovery in your attic... I love when I find things I thought lost or given away. Sweet gnomes!

  16. What a sweet treasure to discover right at your own home!!! Just waiting for you to find it!!! Love that. Happy VTT!


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