Monday, November 22, 2010

Some random thoughts for Monday!

First, WHO took November and would you please bring it back!

Second, I went out on the screen porch Saturday morning. It was very early, the Sun was just coming up and I guess my eyes weren't quite focussed because I noticed a stick laying on the porch railing. 
My first thought was *Why did Hubby lay that stick on the railing?*
My second thought was * WHY is 'said stick' moving?*
And my third thought was * %$#@&^, that's not a stick!!!*
After I gained my composure and changed my underwear, LOL, I did what any dedicated blogger would do and grabbed my camera! Here is a picture of the 'stick'

It's not uncommon to see snakes here but it is this time of year AND to see one on my porch railing. Believe it or not, snakes don't bother me, unless they are poisonous. I just wasn't expecting this little guy at all so he startled me. 

And for my last random thought this Monday, I wanted to share some crafty finds from the weekend. One of my favorite places to find embellishments for projects is the Christmas wrapping paper isle. Look at these cute trims I found at Target!

These tinsel trims are all wired so you can bend them however you want. They also had a limey green that I didn't pick up and now wish I had. 

And look at these cuties! I really need to go back and get another spool of that white mini feather boa before they are all gone!
And from Wal Mart these great trims,
Sorry this last pic is a little blurry. 
I think any of these would be so cute on banners, cards, tags, etc. I need to check out Kmart and see what they have too. 
That's it for my randomness this week, see y'all on Wednesday! 
xxoo Nan


  1. Great finds and idea nan, I better go shopping! Happy Thanksgiving and Hugs! Marilou

  2. These finds are great. Wish I could pick up some of these myself but we just don't have them here in town. Snakes don't bother me that much either, but they do have a way of surprising you don't they.

  3. That was so funny about the snake. Those trimmings are really cute. I can never seem to find what I want at Target but it looks like you made out okay. Thanks for making me laugh this morning.

  4. This post gives me the creeps! I have a snake phobia and I'm not hanging around long enough to find out if its poisonous or not-LOL! That is a BIG snake!
    OK- I'm ok now-
    I love the trimmings! I need to get me some of that!
    I was digging and found some I got a few years ago today! Yeah!
    Hugs- Tete

  5. LOL!! I got a good chuckle!! You a far more brave than I!!

  6. Hi Nan!
    I want to know who the culprit is who took November too, so I can throttle him bwhahhahaha! Good gosh 2010 went fast. wooosh!
    YIPES! I'd be scared if I saw that snake - I don't know how you know whether they're poisonous or not??? so they're all scary to me. I do remember liking some little snakes in our backyard when I was little - did we call them Garden snakes or Garter snakes???
    You got some great stuff - I haven't bought any trim this year, I better get moving before all the good stuff is gone.
    We loved Harry Potter! I would say though that I don't think it "stands alone" - people would have to know the books to follow it. (geez, I've read the books and still was lost in some of it)
    Happy happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  7. What a great idea to check out the Christmas embellishments. I would not have thought of that. I'm addicted to trims and all that fun stuff....I just rarely get around to doing anything with it!
    And the snake??? I would have passed out on the spot!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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