Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Freebies!

Happy Black Friday Everyone!
Smart you, instead of going out with all the other maniac shoppers, you decided to stay home and find some FREEbies on the internet. Well come along, no shopping bags needed!

This little reindeer applique is so stinkin cute and I can think of lot of ways to use this! Pick up the TUT and pattern at Noodles & Milk.

Bustle and Sew has the most amazing gift for you, the pattern for this sweet applique. She has two versions, one with deer and the other with fox. I LOVE this!

The amazingly talented Laurie Furnell has this beautiful 3D Poinsettia Ornament on her blog. Laurie is so sweet and always shares wonderful creations made with her original artwork!

And I LOVE these Clipart Doilies from Martha Stewart, think of all the possibilities!

These Animal Fantasy Bookplates from Saint Moxie would make a great little stocking stuffer for any book lover!

I LOVE this little tote from I Love to Create! It can be the gift or slip a gift into it!

Next, get this FREE printable subway art poster from eighteen25 at 
Mod Podge Rocks, Quick, simple and very cute decor!

and while you are at it, stop by eighteen25's blog and grab this great free printable gift for Grandma! They have so many cute projects so take a look around while you are there.

Get the pattern and tut to make this really cool stocking at 
Urban Threads 
That's it for this week. Happy Shopping and have a weekend filled with 
Bubbles of JOY! xxoo Nan


  1. Happy Thanksgiving weekend Nan! Wow! All of these ideas are wonderful! I'm in need of new ideas as I began my Christmas crafting too early this year and I am done! This has never happened before - I have nothing to do! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your family. Blessings for the holidays to come! Elizabeth

  2. Happy thanksgiving and happy black friday! These ideas are FABulous! I especially love the western boot, but have no hope of EVER being able to assemble or embroider it...CUTE idea tho and the pattern will work well for paper!

    I am still in tag swap mode so as soon as I get done with my tags for E's swap, I'll be ready to create! Thanks again for hunting these down on the internet...I feel like I have a personal shopper!

  3. As always you give us great links to fabulous places. I don't craft but I sure do enjoy people who do especially when they have a store of some sort. I love to but handmade crafts. Take care.


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