Friday, November 12, 2010

Little PINK Houses!

Happy PINK Saturday everyone!
The Lowcountry is one of the few places where not only is it acceptable to paint your house PINK, it is also quite common. Last week I had to pay a visit to a client and since I had my camera with me, I thought I would snap some pictures of a few of the PINK houses in her neighborhood. This neighborhood is what is known as a Neo-Traditional neighborhood, a new neighborhood designed and implemented to look like a very old neighborhood. Keep in mind as you look at these houses, that each is a new house, less than ten years old. You can click on any of the pictures to bring up a larger image.

If you notice the porch ceiling on this house, you will notice it is painted a pale shade of blue. This is a very old tradition in the South and is said to keep away "Haints" or evil spirits.
This next "cottage" is painted more of a salmon shade of pink.

I love this next house, It looks like it has been there forever!

I really want to know what is behind that wall. I crossed the street to get a closer look when the homeowner returned home from walking his dog. OOPS! busted! I just nonchalantly strolled away.
This next house is exquisite. 

It is so meticulously maintained! 
That's it for this week. Please stop by How Sweet The Sound and say HI to Miss Beverly, our host for Pink Saturday.


  1. Wow, can you say pretty in pink. Such lovely homes. Happy Pink Saturday Nan. That's really funny about your almost being

  2. I LOVE pink houses! These are wonderful!!

  3. Those are lovely big, pink houses. I would not want one as I cannot keep the one I have clean as I should.

  4. Happy Pink Saturday NanE Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share. I love, love these homes. I too wanted to see what was behind that wall. Couldn't that dog have walked a little longer. Durnit...You will have to go back another day. Don't leave us hanging here girl.

    I love the way they paint the ceilings of the porches the beautiful shade of blue to ward off the evil spirits. Thank you for sharing that with me.

    I have so enjoyed my stroll this evening. I think I could move in to any one of these and be happy, wouldn't you?

    Happy pink day sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  5. That blue ceiling is supposed to keep away the flies, too, believe it or not. Gorgeous of these days you'll have to get permission to take us on a tour of the INSIDE!

  6. I would love to live in a pink house like one of these. How fun and I am sooo glad you brought your camera with you. I love the blue ceilings too. In Egypt they painted more of a royal blue with gold stars to represent the night sky, but it quickly disappears once things are uncovered. I love the idea.

  7. whata cute post.
    happy pink saturday!

  8. There is nothing like living in Charleston, SC! Gorgeous homes, we love taking drives and looking at houses....they all have such character.

  9. Beautiful old homes . I love how grand they look....elegance of years ago

  10. Oh how beautiful! I love, love, love the soft pink on the siding on these homes!
    Have a great PINK Saturday and week!

  11. Happy PS!
    I so loved walking with your through the neighborhoods. What lovely homes and it's hard to believe they are new homes! They look like they have been there forever...and the very first one is my favorite. I didn't know about the I love the porches. I had a wonderful time here today- Tete

  12. Happy Pink Saturday! :)

    OK...loving those houses! OMGOSH...I'm weak in the knees!

    Now about the paint~

    Prime, Spray Paint (any will do), add artwork and then seal! Simply and easy peasy! :)

    Love to you~


  13. Great photos of these newer homes reproduced to look like vintage homes. Love the soft colors of pink and the lovely attention to landscape details. Such a nice Pink Saturday Post!

  14. Happy Pink Saturday Nan, I love all those houses even if they aren't really new! The one with the large tree is my favorite! Hugs, marilou

  15. happy ps Nan ... Harold said did you notice that south is not capitalized ... chuckle!

    I wish I knew your address so when we were in SC I would have surely come by ... send me your address on my email for the next round ...

    Love your homes today ... there are sooooo many beauties down your way.

    Have a beautiful weekend, my friend.

    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  16. These homes are so wonderful Nan, and if you hadn't said that they were newer, I would have assumed that they'd been there forever! Pink houses are extremely rare here, so whenever I do see one, it's quite thrilling and I always wish I'd had a camera with me. And I love the custom of painting the porch ceilings blue!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  17. Every one of them is as lovely as the next. What a beautiful neighborhood.

  18. They are fabulous!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog today...on my very 1st Pink Saturday.

    I'm following your wonderful blog and will visit often :O)

    Have a wondrous weekend.

  19. Gosh Nan, you're lucky I don't live in SC....we would've scaled the wall to peek into the windows. I would want to see INSIDE of these beautiful homes (i know you'd have my back *tee hee*). Bet they are decorated to the nines!
    Licks & Wags, Niki

  20. Oh Nan, I loved this tour. I usually don't care for the new neighborhoods built to look "old" but this one is fabulous! I could live there so easily. We painted the ceiling of our front porch a pale pale blue, however it's not to keep away bad spirits but the wasp. :) xo

  21. Beautiful pinks..Thank you for sharing...

  22. So sweet! Thank you for sharing...and for stopping by my blog to wish me a Happy Pink Saturday.
    Sorry I'm just getting around...I think I overdid it last week and it caught up with me this weekend...of all weekends! Anyway, I love pink houses!!! And your blog...I subscribed so I don't miss a thing:)

  23. Nan the homes are beautiful. I had no idea about the blue ceilings.
    We LOVE Charleston ( only 3 hrs away). Thanks for sharing felt like I was almost there :-)

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