Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A little red truck!

I love vintage "look" metal toys so when I saw these Christmas ornaments at Kmart, I just had to get them plus they were on sale!

After I got them home, it occurred to me, I had no idea what I was going to do with them. They are too small to go on my regular tree. I do have a small 2' tall tree that's not really spoken for yet and some older ornaments in the attic of little vintage kids. Yes, that would be the perfect solution! Amazing how once you make up your mind about something, how things just fall into place. Yesterday I was in Ross and found this cute RED truck!

And I thought, how cute would my little Christmas tree look, nestled in the bed of the truck with the little ornaments hanging on it!

AND, I can put all my repro vintage toys around it with maybe some vintage Christmas cards. I can't wait to set this up next week! 
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  1. Aww..there are no K-Marts anywhere within a 5 hr drive form me..I miss my K-marts!!

    These are adorable! Can't wait to see the tree set up.

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Love these a good find.
    On your playlist you have Jewel singing Simple Gifts. Did you know Jewel is from Homer Alaska? Her family is all here.

  3. Nan, I love vintage metal painted toys, and these are so cute. Post a photo when you get it all together. I think it will be so much fun!
    Hugs- Tete

  4. Oh my,,I love those,,just beautiful. I would have them displayed all year long around here..especially with all those splashes of red..ahhhhhhh..Happy Rednesday.

  5. I love anything that looks vintage. I hope you post what you finally create. Happy Rednesday.

  6. I think you were smart getting these cute red ornaments. You can always pick up a small tree and use them.

  7. Nan, I got the horse and a little merry go round at my K-Mart....the little metal truck will be perfect to stack them in!!!!!!! How adorable! Oh-Oh, another ide.....:):) Sandy

  8. I love the way your mind works Nan. I read this post this morning and had to go have some blood work done at the local hospital which is just down the road from K-Mart...Hmmmm, I thought I'd jump in and snap these up. Aack! The good ones were already gone but I managed to do some other damage...love all the Country Living decor there. Your idea for the red truck is wonderful...can't wait to see it all together! I know if we lived closer we'd get into lots of trouble togther...and talk about the Pens, too!! You are a kindred spirit and I'm so glad I found your blog!
    Have a good day!

  9. It sounds like you've got it all planned out, so make sure to post pictures when you're done! My Mom has a little red truck like that, so I know she'll enjoy seeing your pictures too!
    Happy REDnesday!

  10. As a mom of boys, I think these are perfect, and darling!!

  11. oh! I cant wait to see this all set up. It will be adorable!
    have fun!

  12. Love those...so cute...blessings,Shelley

  13. These are so cute. I hate that we don't have a Kmart around here anymore at all. And the worse part of it is, we have commercials on TV for Kmart and there are none...makes me so mad! The ornaments are really sweet.

  14. sooooo sweet...though i was hopin' it was big enough for us to pile in the pickup bed and take a ride around town! whoooohooo!!!!!

  15. What a great little theme you've come up with- isn't it wonderful when things fall into place like this? That truck is adorable! happy VTT!

  16. Oh the Red Truck is amazing. YOU NEED to join us for the Vintage Truck Christmas Challenge---go to my blog and check it out on the side bar. I adore old metal trucks!!!!The ones from K-Mart are cut.

  17. Hi Nan! You lucky, what darling ornaments! (There isn't a KMart close by me WAH!) And your truck is the cutest. Enjoy!

    Happy VTT,

  18. I am loving those repro toy ornaments. I think your idea to use them with the red truck is fun and clever.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  19. Very cute truck! The ornaments are darling.



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