Monday, November 29, 2010

Some random thoughts for Monday!

I've noticed that many bloggers refer to their spouse as "Mr and then the blog name or the initials of blog name". Well, I thought about it and if I did that, 
my Hubby's name would be....................

wait for it.....................


"Mr. Bubble", **giggle**

Now that's funny enough but if you knew my hubby, it would be even funnier. "Bubbly" is not a word I would use to describe my sweetheart, lol.
     Anywho, Mr Bubble **giggle** and I will be attending his company Christmas party. It is always held at a swanky restaurant in the City so of course I had to get a new dress. Have any of you tried finding a cocktail dress this year? The selection is HORRIBLE! I did buy a dress, I really like the dress, it fits well and minimizes my overly large thighs BUT..... it's black and I did not want a black dress. 
Every year at Mr Bubble's **giggle** party every woman wears a black dress, no exaggeration. So here is the dress I bought:

And a close up of the detail on the bodice:

I'm going to use one of these two purses:

The one on the right is vintage, my Aunt gave it to me back in the 60's when I was just a little girl. At the time I thought what in the world am I going to do with this, but that little purse has been to more formals, weddings and fancy parties than you can imagine. I think it will miss this party though as the one on the left matches the dress so well.
     I don't need a necklace, with all that detail at the neck so I'll probably just wear some big earrings and a bracelet. Not sure what I will do with my hair, straight as in my profile picture or let it go all natural curly and pull up the sides with some sparkly clips?
     And my shoes are another issue! If I go with strappy shoes, then I have to go bare legged and I hate going bare legged in the Winter. Hmm, will have to give that one some thought. 
     Oh and one last random thought which has nothing to do with getting dressed up. I tried a new turkey this year for Thanksgiving and it was the most wonderful turkey I have EVER tasted! 
It was a Honeysuckle White All Natural Turkey. Now I've had Honeysuckles before and they are always good but this was beyond amazing. 

It was so moist and tender, it practically melted in your mouth. Here's what their website says about this turkey:

"Frozen All Natural Whole Turkey

Product Description

Make any occasion a special event with a delicious Honeysuckle White® Frozen All Natural Whole Turkey. All Natural means No Added Hormones (federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry), No Antibiotics Ever, No Additives or Preservatives and the turkeys are Vegetarian Fed. It also features an all natural basting, for a moist and juicy turkey every time. Whether it's a special occasion or you just want a meal to remember, make it great with our Frozen All Natural Whole Turkey."
I will always look for this turkey from now on!
Thanks for letting me ramble this morning! Have a great day, Nan


  1. thats a beautiful dress Nan.. you will look gorgeous in it!!

  2. I hope you and Mr Bubbles....snicker, snicker...have a great time and be sure to post a picture. I'm sure you will look lovely in that dress and the purse goes perfectly with it. I'll look for that turkey. Good endorsement. You ought to forward a copy of your post to the company. It should be good for at least one turkey.

  3. Ohh, Nan, you re going to be the bell of the ball! I love the dress ... & the black purse. Beautiful!

    Have a beautiful holiday week ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Oh Nan! This was such a funny post! I definitely could not call my husband, Mr. Creative Breathing. He is the least creative person I have ever met!!!! He is so proud of the light up houses he just purchased and set up himself. All the "people" are police, there is a deer larger than the houses in the town square, and he has topped it all off by ringing the whole "city" with red tinsel garland!!!
    BEAUTIFUL dress, purse on the left! You will be so beautiful! Have fun. Elizabeth

  5. Nan..what a gorgeous dress! Yes the purse on our left. I would wear your hair up. You will look awesome whatever you do.
    I am cracking up over MR. Bubbles. Mine would Mr. don't think so..!!

    Have a great time and have your Mister take us some pictures of you !!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  6. The dress is gorgeous, use the purse on the left and thanks for the turkey tip. Have fun. Nan

  7. Wow Nan, you really did pick out a gorgeous dress. You will be envied by all! I love the detail and that purse on the left couldn't match any better. And as for that turkey you're really making me want one now. And I'm going to bed with the picture of that Mr. Bubbles stuck in my head now. hee-hee.

    Love, Tracy :)

  8. Nan I LAUGHED OUT LOUD over "Mr. Bubble's " new title!! LOVE The dress. I prefer mine to cover from neck to ankles! tee hee! I love the rose purse with the dress. Unless your in a warm weather state wear hose!! I don't know how it got to be no nylons ALL the time??!! You will look lovely!

  9. LOVE the dress!!! I'd go with the black purse--it picks up the gold in the bodice.

    Mr Bubbles---lololololol

  10. Oh Nan, that dress is spectacular and the vintage black purse perfect. I think Wal-mart had hair clips to match that bodice design....I got my perm again and pull the sides up sometime
    so I look for those hairclips too. I bet you look realy good with lucky. My comes from a bottle once a hair is long, but it holds the perm great. Have fun.

  11. Hi Nan!
    I SO LOVE this dress...and the black bag is too die for! You will look smashing...absolutely smashing!


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